Ricky has never been the smartest guy in the bunch. He has failed grade 6 at least three times and did not pass grade 10 until he was an adult. He has trouble with big words and struggles to understand others, and of course never seems to remember common words or phrases, creating his own appropriately named “rictisms.”

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But, what he lacks in book smarts, he makes up for in street smarts – well, actually, not really. Ricky’s money-making plans, while sometimes they seem brilliant or really feasible in theory, rarely work out how he plans them. Although he’s always on the lookout for ways to make a quick buck, his stupidity and overzealousness are his faults, and his silly plans are never thought through enough to succeed, especially with Jim Lahey around.

10 Rob a bank

While this seems like the most obviously terrible money-making scheme, Ricky and the boys’ scheme was pretty solid. They created a fake armored truck out of cardboard and tape, fake uniforms to take to the bank, and they actually got the money and were ready to ride into the sunset until Jim Lahey decided to crash the party.

A drunk and disorderly Lahey, after being rejected by Julian, threatens to jump from the top of the building. This leads to a disruption in their escape plan, after which they are all captured.

9 Drug cultivation in recycling bins

Once again, demonstrating Ricky’s insistence on growing drugs, he devised a new and more impressive way to grow and earn money. Using modified recycling bins, Ricky and the children try to create prototype grow boxes and then sell them to others who want to grow their own drug.

With surprisingly good design and some royal ingenuity put into them, these grow boxes almost came true, that is, until once again Jim Lahey hits them hard, this time literally. Lahey drives his car straight to his prototypes, destroying his hopes for this short-lived scheme.

8 Sale of homemade liquor

For once in what appears to be the entire show, Ricky and Ray’s plan to bottle and sell their own liquor actually works. Bottling themselves at the dump where Ray lives, with the help of Bubbles, they sell it to the residents of Sunnyvale, with rave reviews from customers like Lahey.

It seems that everyone likes it and it sells well, but of course Lahey can’t let the guys get away with it, so he once again sets off to thwart their plans and even steal the money they make. They have won.

7 Cultivating a drug field

Ricky assembles three drug fields outside the park, and he and the boys just have to cut it up and sell it all before Lahey and the police can find and close it. They try to send it to a buyer via courier, but are once again interrupted by Lahey, who goes crazy and tries to kill Ricky and himself.

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The deal goes through, but Barb ends up scamming money from Cory and Trevor, who were put in charge of the deal after the boys were sent to jail.

6 Growing drug in a trailer

Trying to grow drugs one more time, Ricky sets up an Airstream filled with plants, lights, and water. Everything seems to be going well until the boys find a mite infestation among the plants. When they try to quarantine them in Bubbles ‘shed, faulty wiring sets the shed on fire, burning Bubbles’ house down.

Then, after the fake missionaries stole their trailer and got it back, they sell the remaining drug, but in the process, they get into a chase with the police, which ends with their arrest and the destruction of the trailer.

5 The Hash Driveway

This is the most idiotic or ingenious way to hide some dope. After stealing a large amount of hash from some of Ricky’s old friends, the boys pave a driveway in front of Ray’s trailer to hide it from view. They spend much of season five trying to protect him, and Ricky begins selling him to high school students. When Lahey finally finds out about his operation, he gives up on Cyrus, the original owner of the hash, and a major shooting ensues in the trailer park.

4 Garbageland

Ricky’s “cool” idea leads him to steal garden furniture and grills from people. He has Trevor do most of the work and then takes the stolen goods out to his own yard and opens a store, which he calls “Garbageland.”

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Trying to get more customers, Ricky kidnaps a television news crew in the park that was there to do a story about other businesses. After constantly interrupting Bubbles, who is trying to showcase his own “Kittyland” business, the bees attack everyone and Lahey shows up drunk, ruining the news and Ricky’s store.

3 Illegal gas station

Echoing a similar idea of It’s always sunny in Philly Ricky and the boys set up an illegal gas station in the park by extracting gasoline from a stranger’s cars. After giving coupons to Sarah and Lucy’s hair salon clients, Lahey becomes suspicious and tries to get the boys to record a video selling illegal gasoline.

After only videotaping Cory and Trevor, Ricky ruins the plan himself after dumping a cigarette in some gasoline and setting a car on fire. Cory and Trevor are arrested, but the boys get away with it.

two Sell ​​stolen meat

Ricky and the boys try to earn some quick cash after getting out of jail and start stealing meat from a butcher and selling it at a local plaza. Julian abandons the plan pretty quickly, but Bubbles and Ricky stick with him.

However, after Bubbles nearly freezes to death after getting stuck in the freezer while trying to steal the meat, he gives up too. Ricky is left alone and, since he does not want to do it alone, he also abandons the plan.

1 Sale of stolen barbecues

Employing Trinity and her friends, Ricky begins stealing barbecues and painting them to sell. Thinking that young children cannot be arrested for stealing, Ricky believes that this is a foolproof plan, when in reality it is the dumbest.

Ricky is seen by a policewoman in the high school parking lot with barbecues on top of her car, and after seeing reports of stolen barbecues in the city, the cop confronts Ricky. He only gets out of this because Julian asks out the police, who is in love with him.

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