The Sunnyvale Trailer Park featured in the Netflix hit Trailer Park Boys The franchise has seen some rough days over the years as it was caught up in the ongoing war between the boys (Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles) and Jim Lahey and Randy, who try to keep order in Sunnyvale as Trailer Park ( and Assistant Trailer Park). Supervisors.

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Of course, those highly valued parking spots switch roles every time the Kids go to jail, and each new Trailer Park Supervisor (and Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor) has brought their own skills or problems to the job throughout. over the years, which we take a closer look as we explore Sunnyvale Trailer Park’s top supervisors.

10 Private Dancer – Trailer Park Security

TRAILER PARK BOYS - Private Dancer

While the man who became known as Private Dancer never won any of the supervisor titles at Sunnyvale, Leslie Dancer (Daniel Lillford) was named chief of security during season nine, and he attempted to enforce increasingly strict rules in an attempt. to keep Ricky out of the park.

However, although he claimed to be a colonel, it was revealed that he only achieved the rank of a soldier, leading to his authority-reducing moniker. Dancer went off the rails like most trailer park supervisors and tried to kill the boys and destroy Julian’s bar, so he belongs here with the rest of them.

9 Sam Losco – Finalist Trailer Park Supervisor


Sam Losco earned himself several nicknames during his time at Trailer Park Boysfrom Samsquanch to Caveman to Denture King, though he was almost the Trailer Park Supervisor as well after competing against Jim Lahey during the season two pick, which was one of the only democratic examples of supervisor pick in the series.

Losco is almost universally hated in the park, though he came close to winning the election due to a recent bad spell from Mr. Lahey, though he ruined the televised debate after the Boys dosed him with magic mushrooms and lost the election.

8 Donald – Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor


Season eight introduced a new Trailer Park Assistant Supervisor named Donald, who was played by SwearNet: The MovieLeigh MacInnis and worked with Randy after Mr. Lahey’s retirement.

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However, Donald’s time in the position was very short and he became a recurring character alongside his twin sister Donna, who was actually just another of Don’s personalities. This Don is not to be confused with the invisible but frequently heard Donny (voiced by Mike Smith), who can be heard yelling in the park when things get a little crazy.

7 George Green – Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor


Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, and the other Sunnyvale residents frequently had to deal with the problems created by the RV park supervisors, but there was also the threat from the local police, which was usually led by Officer George Green (George Green). .

However, after Green went a bit insane following Lahey’s reinstatement as an officer, Green was expelled from the force. Eventually, Randy gave him the position of Trailer Park Assistant Supervisor out of pity, though he spent most of his time investigating the Children and verbally abusing Randy, for which he was fired.

6 Bernie Sanford – President of IATPTPSAATPS

TRAILER PARK KIDS - Bernie Sanford

Trailer park supervisors from outside Sunnyvale were featured at Trailer Park Boys when Mr. Lahey won an award (although he was not technically a supervisor at the time), which was personally presented by Bernie Sanford, President of the International Association of Trailer Parks, Trailer Park Supervisors and Assistant Trailer Park Supervisors / IATPTPSAATPS.

Sanford only appeared in one episode, but he made an impression on fans due to his legendary right hook, the fact that he can’t be shaken, and he definitely doesn’t have candy for people like Ricky unless it’s the aforementioned right hook.

5 Ray – Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor


After Jim Lahey was reinstated into the police force, Randy was named Associate Supervisor of Trailer Park, while Rick’s stepfather Ray (Barrie Dunn) received the position of Assistant Supervisor of Trailer Park in season six.

Ray was generally negligent with his duties and was not in the position while he technically no longer lived in the park, having been evicted after Ricky set fire to his trailer in season five, but he was still better off than the Boys than some of the other supervisors.

4 Randy – Associate Trailer Park Supervisor


Randy “Bobandy” (Pat Roach) was a former prostitute known as Smoky before joining Jim Lahey as his partner and assistant supervisor for Trailer Park, who has a long connection to the Boys, as they all went to school together when they were children.

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While Randy was frequently caught up in some of Mr. Lahey’s worst schemes, he also cared about the park and was named Trailer Park Associate Supervisor in season six after a stint as Weekend Trailer Park Supervisor when Lahey was struggling with liquor. although they eventually resumed their usual roles and went back to teasing the Boys in Sunnyvale.

3 Bubbles – Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor

The fourth season of Trailer Park Boys It started with a series of new changes in Sunnyvale after Julian went to jail along with Randy and Mr. Lahey in the previous season finale, when Ricky and Bubbles became the new overseers of the trailer park. Bubbles served well as an assistant trailer park supervisor and Sunnyvale was thriving with both of them in charge.

Unfortunately, it was Bubbles’ love of wrestling that ultimately cost them their positions during a match on the fan-favorite episode “The Green Bastard,” though it was instrumental in establishing the peace deal with Lahey that made Ray a the assistant trailer park supervisor. as expected to get it out of the trash can.

two Ricky – Trailer Park Supervisor

Trailer Park Boys, The Boys and Ricky's Goldfish

Ricky was surprisingly one of the best trailer park supervisors Sunnyvale had ever seen, keeping the park clean, following the orders of the park owner and his sometimes girlfriend Barb Lahey. Ricky also worked well with his assistant Bubbles while running a successful grow operation without constant harassment from Lahey and Randy.

Ricky first landed the job of Trailer Park’s Temporary Relief Assistant Supervisor in season three before getting promoted full-time, and probably would have kept it if he hadn’t lost the position alongside Bubbles during a wrestling match with Mr. Lahey and Cachondo.

1 Mr. Lahey – Trailer Park Supervisor

Jim Lahey (played by the late John Dunsworth) was Sunnyvale’s most frequent Trailer Park Supervisor for twelve seasons of the series regular and a series of specials that traced his rise and fall from struggling police officer to park supervisor and vice versa. .

While he frequently let the park fall apart in his obsessive urge to ensnare Ricky and Julian in one of his schemes, he did so out of a misguided love for the park that was able to shine through the liquor multiple times in the series. Following Dunsworth’s passing, the series has not focused on the stories of the rotating supervisor position, which allowed him to retreat a bit with Mr. Lahey.

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