A guide that explains how to find and defeat Moder in Valheim. Moder is known for her frost attacks and high difficulty, so players must be prepared.

Set in a mystical realm filled with a variety of monsters and biomes, Valheim has players don the shoes of a deceased Viking warrior as they attempt to bring order to a lawless land. Players can build bases, craft equipment, and battle multiple bosses while exploring a fantastic landscape. It is a huge world filled to the brim with danger and treasure alike. But one of the defining features of the game is the challenging bosses that can be found throughout the kingdom.

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One of these bosses, Moder, can be found in the Snow Mountain Biome. With black scales and white hair, Moder is a ferocious wyvern that can be summoned when players place three dragon eggs on his altar. Defined by her aerial tactics and frost attacks, Moder drops a dragon tear upon death and provides a trophy for the player.

How to summon and defeat Moder

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As mentioned above, Moder can be summoned in Valheim placing three dragon eggs on his altar. These eggs can be found in nests throughout the mountain biome, generally guarded by drakes. They perform ice attacks and fight from the air, but can still be taken out quite easily using a bow.

Players must also take this time in the mountains to kill some wolves and extract silver, which can be found in the region. They drop materials that can be used to make wolf armor that is known for its high resistance to frost. As Moder uses frost attacks as one of his primary abilities, this makes the wolf armor extremely useful in boss fighting for anyone who doesn’t have access to end-game gear. It’s also a good idea to stock up on frost-resistant mead, fire arrows, and poison arrows.

Once three dragon eggs are obtained, they can be placed on Moder’s altar that is hidden somewhere in the region. It should be easily identified by its ceremonial bowls where the players must place the eggs. For those dedicated to preparation, players can build watchtowers, trenches, and walls around the ritual area to prepare cover for the boss fight. It is also recommended to sweep the general area around the altar and eliminate enemies that may be nearby. The last thing any player wants to see while fighting a boss is another enemy approaching them. But once the eggs are laid and the altar is activated, the area should start to glow and Moder should appear shortly.

Now the real fight begins. As expected of a wyvern, it mainly attacks while in the air. Thus, the player will be forced to rely on his bow to deal damage. But always be ready to move. His frost airstrikes are no joke. Especially the one that looks like a barrage of icy projectiles. He has the ability to slow the player considerably and Moder tends to follow him with a more direct frost attack to deal a lot of damage. Even with frost resistant armor, the amount of damage is considerable, so players have to get used to the idea of ​​always being on the move to avoid their attacks.

Sometimes Moder will land on the ground to physically attack the player. These physical attacks are arguably worse than his frost abilities, and can easily take down any player who gets too close. This is especially true for players fighting Moder alone, so it is highly recommended that fighters keep their distance.

This is because fighting Moder is a battle of attrition. Trying to take her down quickly is next to impossible, and Moder herself can easily take down a player if she lands her punches. This means that the most effective means of killing her is to avoid her attacks and improve her health with a long-range attack whenever possible. With your large pool of health, this will certainly take a long time. But it can work. If the player has friends with them, it can be even easier as one of them can distract Moder while the other players prioritize attacking her.

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Valheim is available in early access on PC

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