The CW’s Walker has Micki doing a big bust, and ironically, he opens the case of Emily’s murder, which could bring back an angry Walker.

WARNING: The following contains important spoilers for Walker Episode 4, “Don’t Lock Me In”, on The CW.

At The CW’s WalkerJared Padelicki’s role as the incumbent Texas Ranger is highly dependent on the death of his wife, Emily, and whether he is truly fit to continue in service. He has left his new partner, Micki, a little worried, but little by little, Walker is showing that he can overcome the past and move on.

However, just as Walker seems to have left the past behind, Micki does a major setback that inadvertently shakes Emily’s case, hinting that there may be traitors at the Texas Ranger camp.

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This week’s case finds Micki investigating why a former gang member, Enzo, turned on his boss, oil magnate Bob Harlan, and killed him. She suspects the department is so eager to blame Latinos, and after digging deeper, discovers Enzo’s illegitimate son Bob. His wife actually conspired with her sheriff, Monty Shaw (her secret lover), so that once Enzo is framed for Bob’s murder, the property will pass to her. Fortunately, Micki exposes Shaw’s corruption, but what stands out is the social injustice and general inequity that he highlighted.

Walker’s brother Liam works with the district attorney’s office, and he takes note of this, realizing that it is customary for certain cases to be resolved within a couple of days. It happens frequently in murder cases, and now he believes that Emily’s death was too conveniently closed after Carlos Mendoza was booked and admitted to the crime. Interestingly, the show hinted that there wasn’t much evidence pointing to Carlos, which is why Walker tried to dig into the case early on. However, his former partner and new boss, Captain James, made it clear that the case was off limits and urged Walker to move on.

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Ironically, when Liam begins to extract files, he discovers that James has been doing some research on his own. He’s confused because while James couldn’t want Walker to get involved due to their personal and emotional connection, Liam discovers that the captain is doing things on his own.

It’s incomplete because James should consult with someone, and the fact that he tried to close the case leaves Liam wary. He no longer trusts the Rangers and begins to think that there is more to Emily’s death. He has a special interest in immigrants who cross the border and fight ICE, and seeing that Em was helping the refugees when they killed her, Liam is prepared to go after Walker’s colleagues. The only problem is, if Walker finds out, he will want to go in, which would complicate things.

Walker stars Jared Padalecki, Lindsey Morgan, Keegan Allen, Mitch Pileggi, Molly Hagan, and Coby Bell. New episodes air Thursdays at 8 pm ET / PT on The CW.

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