Parents from all over the world were delighted to see the popular children’s show. I gabba gabba appears in the latest episode of WandaVision. Without going into the details of the episode for those who haven’t seen it yet, there was a moment when WandaVision where Brobee and his friends could be seen singing and dancing on television. This may seem insignificant to some, but the show’s cameo officially makes I gabba gabba “canon” in the MCU.

I gabba gabba! is one of the most popular children’s shows that many parents don’t mind watching with their little ones. Because of this, there were many people who expressed their excitement about seeing the series merge with the MCU. Hours after WandaVision episode reached Disney +, I gabba gabba it had started to be a trend on social media with parents celebrating the pleasant surprise.

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“Yo gabba gabba on the mcu is the crossover we didn’t ask for but needed,” reads a popular tweet, which includes a crying face emoji to imply tears of joy.

“Of all the things that came out of this episode, I didn’t expect me gabba gabba to become canon,” says another parent.

Another viewer tweeted, “Yo gabba gabba appearing at such a tense time on the show was honestly a movie genius.”

Recognizing I gabba gabba It also means that every guest star and band that appears on the show now technically exists in the MCU. This is getting other fans excited for different reasons, with a tweet saying, “now that yo gabba gabba is canon. My Chemical Romance exists in both the MCU and aquabats.”

“If Yo Gabba Gabba is MCU canon, that means Biz Markie is MCU canon too,” writes another fan of the show.

Others go so far as to postulate other theories, like a fan guessing this will lead to the introduction of the Fantastic Four. “I gabba gabba now it’s canon in the MCU, “says one fan.” What if it’s the Fantastic Four? The guy is Doctor Doom and the robot is the silver surfer. Marvel / Disney with 4d chess “.

One of the big reasons it was so strange to see I gabba gabba in WandaVision is that Disney does not own the rights to the Nickelodeon series. There is a lot of children’s programming that Marvel Studios could have pulled from Disney’s content library to use that wouldn’t have required paying royalties to a competitor. Maybe the producers are really great I gabba gabba fans, but given the nature of WandaVision, some fans wonder if there is a hidden meaning behind this.

“I’m trying to figure out the importance of yo gabba gabba in #wandavision,” says a tweet accompanied by an appropriate GIF.

I gabba gabba originally aired for four seasons on Nickelodeon between 2007 and 2015. Hosted by DJ Lance Rock, the series featured animated live-action segments featuring five costumed friends: Muno (he’s tall and friendly), Foofa (she’s pink and happy) , Brobee (the little green one), Toodee (she likes to have fun) and Plex (a magic robot). Together, the group taught the children about everything from the importance of sharing to trying new foods.

It remains to be seen if DJ Lance Rock and his furry friends from I gabba gabba It will return to the MCU at some point in the future. Only a couple of episodes of WandaVisionAnd chances are, the surprises will only get much more shocking from here. New episodes are released every Friday on Disney +.

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