I Care a Lot doesn’t necessarily set up a sequel, however a second Netflix movie could happen. This is what could be explained in the next chapter.

WARNING: Spoilers for I care a lot.

I care a lot It ends with the death of a major character, one that doesn’t necessarily set up a sequel. However, a second franchise movie could happen on Netflix, at least if writer-director J Blakeson wants to explore the story further. As it is, however, I care a lot It seems to be an independent movie with a dark climax.

Rosamund Pike Headlines I care a lot like Marla Grayson, a woman who manages property for people in assisted living programs. On the surface, she appears to be a well-meaning professional, but secretly plans to acquire and sell assets from her clients. When Marla and her main accomplice, Fran (Eiza González), target a wealthy woman named Jennifer Peterson (Dianne Wiest), the schemers are subsequently threatened by a lawyer (Chris Messina as Dean Ericson) and a Russian-American mobster who is legally dead. (Peter Dinklage as Roman Lunyov). The 2021 Netflix movie has received positive reviews so far.

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What I care a lot comes to the end, in fact it looks like a second Netflix movie could happen. Marla survives a trip to the death, reunites with her lover, and searches for the main baddie. However, the ending sequence changes everything, as a minor character from the open returns and fires a bullet, one that appears to kill the main antihero. Here’s everything we know I care a lot 2.

Will I really care if 2 happen?

Eiza González, Dianne Wiest and Rosamund Pike in I Care a Lot on Netflix

I care a lot It ends with Marla being shot by Feldstrom (Macon Blair), the son of a former client who wants revenge. Pike’s character appears to die in the arms of his lover Fran, evidenced by a pool of blood and the absence of life in his eyes. I care a lot unfolds as a cautionary tale about a woman who capitalized on her intelligence and business skills, only to lose everything in an instant. I care a lot 2 It could follow one of the supporting characters, but a Netflix sequel seems unlikely at this point.

I Care A Lot 2 Release Date

Chris Messina in I Care a Lot on Netflix

If Netflix gives the green light I care a lot 2, the sequel probably wouldn’t be released for at least two or three years. However, it’s possible that J Blakeson takes an anthology approach, meaning he could write a new story about greed and business in America (or anywhere else). Then, I care a lot 2 In theory, it could be released sometime in 2023, at least if Netflix feels the need to prioritize a second movie.

I care a lot 2 cast

Eiza González in I Care a Lot on Netflix

I care a lot 2 presumably it would focus on Fran or Roman, as both Marla and her accomplice, Dr. Karen Amos (Alicia Witt), die in the first film. Before the shocking climax, Marla enters into a business relationship with Roman after becoming his legal guardian. It is safe to assume that I care a lot 2 would introduce more gangster figures from the Russian mafia in Cleveland.

I care about the details of 2 floors

I really care about the movie review

I care a lot 2 on Netflix could potentially explore the battle over Marla’s estate. Logic suggests that Pike’s character would have left everything to Fran, however it is possible that she, too, left her partner Roman with some assets. I care a lot 2 It could establish the character of Gonzalez as a vigilante taking on the mob, or the sequel could focus on a new story about modern business ethics.

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