Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will arrive in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in March, but Nintendo hasn’t given an exact release date.

Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 They come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but the current version window is loose. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has received a number of DLC characters since its launch, but it has been impossible to pin down a timetable for its release as it has not been publicly announced.

The first DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It was Piranha Plant, which was announced during a Smash Direct, then dropped without warning. Monitoring Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character ads were everywhere – some of them were on Nintendo Directs, two appeared during an E3 conference, and some appeared during The Game Awards. This kind of uncertainty helped fuel the excitement for each performance even more, as fans around the world eagerly awaited the announcement of another. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter.

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The schedule for the second Fighters Pass was spoiled by COVID, but it appears that Masahiro Sakurai and his team have returned to normal. Sephiroth of Final fantasy 7 It appeared in December, and Nintendo was quick to announce when the next fighter (or fighters) would arrive in the game.

When Pyra and Mythra arrive at Smash

It was announced during the recent Nintendo Direct that Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are the next DLC fighters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Direct showed in-game footage of Pyra and Mythra, and it was revealed that they will be coming to the game in March. This means that they must reach Smash within the next six weeks. If Nintendo does what it has done in the past with the above Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Downloadable content fighters, then players will likely have a date for a Pyra / Mythra Mini Direct soon. Sakurai will most likely put it together, and will talk about the characters’ history, how they work in the game, how their stage works, the new music tracks, and there will likely be an announcement for new Mii Fighter costumes.

The Pyra and Mythra trailer revealed a lot about their move set. It seems like they are using the single character transformation trick, one is faster and the other stronger. They fight with a sword, but they can shoot energy bolts and can summon Rex (the protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 2) for his Final Smash. It won’t be long until players learn more about the duo as they will get to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate In the next weeks.

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Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will arrive in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC fighters in March.

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