InnerSloth’s Among Us has become an indie gaming sensation, but who are the people behind it? Here are the three developers who created it in 2018.

Among us rose to the top of the independent gaming food chain seemingly overnight during the final weeks of summer 2020. The simplicity and social playability of the murder mystery title struck a chord with hundreds of millions of people during a year in which the coronavirus pandemic did activities in person. impossible. The stars seemed to have suddenly aligned to make Among us how successful it is today, but for its original three-person development team at InnerSloth, it has been years in the making.

The indie game first launched on mobile platforms on June 15, 2018 and remained inactive until one of Twitch’s most influential live streamers, Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, began playing. Among us in July 2020. Since his meteoric rise to stardom, InnerSloth has had two new hires to help manage his newfound fame. However, the game that Twitch viewers loved this summer was created by Marcus Bromander, Forest Willard, and Amy Liu.

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Bromander said Nintendo was the first to conceive the idea of Among us, inspired by the party game Mafia and sci-fi horror movie The thing. By then, Bromander had already become a well-known animator and game designer on the content-sharing site Newgrounds. Tens of thousands of users followed Henry Stickmin, the interactive animated short series that began in 2008 under the name PuffballsUnited. Even posted The Henry Stickmin Collection like a steam game via InnerSloth, but Among us It wouldn’t begin to take shape until Bromander, Willard, and Liu joined forces.

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Who are the developers of us

Who created the InnerSloth team among us

The trio attended Oregon State University together and founded InnerSloth in 2015, upon graduation. Willard was the studio’s sole programmer, while Bromander and Liu combined art and animation, with Liu handling promotional tasks such as social media posts. His first release was Dig2China in 2015, a mobile game where players need to make their way to China by upgrading a drilling vehicle. Then came DeiTied back in 2016, a two- to four-player party game, which never quite took off but paved the way for the 2018 release of Among us.

InnerSloth’s space-themed title got off to a humble start. Originally it was meant to be mobile only and only support local multiplayer with a single map. Among us It was released without audio, but Willard later put together some sound effects to bring it more life. The game slowed down after launch due to the lack of a solid marketing strategy from InnerSloth. Still, it gained a small but vocal audience that kept the trio from leaving the game multiple times, InnerSloth said. The escapist.

Today, Among us has been crowned independent gaming royalty and has a thriving player base that creates Among us mods and video content for Twitch and YouTube. It was very slow to translate Bromander’s idea into something playable, but now it’s gotten bigger than InnerSloth imagined it could be.

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