In Marvel’s Avengers, Wolverine speaks of the power of the Phoenix Force while also revealing the secret behind his attack on the X-Men.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Avengers # 42 by Jason Aaron and Luca Maresca

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Avengers, Phoenix Force has returned to Earth and has chosen a variety of different heroes and rogues as potential candidates to be its new host, forcing them all to fight in a tournament to determine which one is the most worthy. As these inevitable battles have progressed, the Phoenix has bestowed upon these contenders some of its fiery and fiery power. Glutton He is the next hero chosen to become the Phoenix in the latest issue. However, he also reveals a fun secret about one of his attacks with the X-Men, and it’s pretty cool.

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While the Phoenix Tournament started with a roster of nearly 20 different contenders, that number has now been cut to about half. Beyond the ones that were simply defeated, some actually lost their duels like Doctor Doom and Hyperion, and Shang-Chi was even disqualified as a contender due to Captain America intentionally attempting to lose against him, believing that he was the most balanced option. if someone absolutely has to become the new host of Phoenix. However, Wolverine has a very cynical view of the Phoenix Force. Of all the contenders, he has arguably been the most personally affected by the Phoenix in the past, due to his tendency to lay claim to the previous hosts he’s been close with, like Jean Gray, as well as Rachel and Hope Summers. He also knows how tempting the power of the Phoenix can be.

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Logan believes on this issue that despite the fact that his allies claim they do not want his unpredictable and rebellious power, deep down they all wonder if they could be the ones who could handle and handle the Phoenix, since he himself feels the same way. Who wouldn’t want to be able to come back from the dead and fly? In Wolverine’s mind, everyone wants to fly, which is why he makes Colossus throw him so often in his iconic Fastball Special attack. It’s apparently less of a strategic move and more due to Wolverine’s desire to simulate the sensation of flying through the air, which is pretty funny considering all the times they’ve used it in previous comics.

The Fastball Special is one of the more classic forms of mutant power synergy, which has recently become a major focus on writer Jonathan Hickman. X Men comic books. Mutantkind has taken synergies seriously on a whole new level within their new nation of Krakoa, incorporating them into their technologies such as their resurrection protocols, infrastructure construction, resource management, defenses, and more. As such, Fastball Special could be considered the foundation of these new initiatives. However, knowing that its prevalence is because Logan simply likes the feeling of flying through the air after being thrown by Colossus is quite amusing.

Despite the terrible and intense nature of this problem of Avengers, this relatively small line revealed a lot, providing quite a humorous background to Wolverine’s debut as a Phoenix warrior. In any case, Wolverine is about to face Black Panther at the end of the problem, and it is still unclear who will be the victor in future issues. However, if Glutton defeating Black Panther, it will put him one step closer to being able to fly as he apparently always wanted to do. There is at least a potential silver lining there, small as it may be, as the series continues from Marvel Comics.

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