The first World of Warcraft expansion was filled with memorable moments, but what were the best of The Burning Crusade?

As the first expansion pack for World of warcraft, the expectations were very high for The flaming crusade. After spending hundreds of hours on their characters, players were eager to move on to the next adventure. Fortunately, The flaming crusade proved to be a worthy successor to the phenomenal MMO. There were countless memorable moments in the Outlands of The flaming crusade, but these are the best.

Crossing the Dark Portal for the first time was a great event in the Woof timeline. The journey through the Blasted Lands to the landmark was an adventure in itself on launch day, especially on a PvP server. Having the Horde and the Alliance in the same place at the same time rarely ends without some kind of mischief. For The flaming crusade This prank was trying to prevent players from the other faction from crossing into the Hellfire Peninsula by killing them on their way down the ramp to the great glowing portal. Whether it was fun or absolutely infuriating, that trip was certainly memorable. The other side of the portal wasn’t bad either.

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World of warcraft Players seeking their way through the intro zone inevitably introduced themselves to a new type of enemy in The flaming crusade, the vile robber. This massive robot would roam the landscape, bringing instant death to whoever had the misfortune to get its attention. Despite the fact that his heavy footfalls literally shook the screen, Fel Reaver was surprisingly cunning and developed a reputation for surprising players at the worst possible moments. While Illidan Stormrage was the expansion’s ultimate villain (and one of the most powerful characters in World of warcraft) the Hellfire Fel Reaver was a much bigger threat to the average gamer.

WoW: Classic Moments from The Burning Crusade

Another memorable moment for The flaming crusade players came by replacing their favorite epic gear with humble greens. The bittersweet feeling of upgrading a gear that may have been the result of months of weekly raids with a random uncommon green became standard operating procedure in expansions, but was first introduced in The flaming crusade. Even the Naxxramas team, the original game’s final raid, was no match for the increased power of the former The flaming crusade quest rewards.

Hitting From World of Warcraft the new max level of 70 was an achievement, but getting a flying mount was perhaps even bigger. Today, flying mounts are the standard way to move in World of warcraft, but they were new to The flaming crusade. Originally, this type of mount could only be used within the Outlands and cost a penny. Getting one took quite a bit of work, but the first time the winged beast leapt into the air it was worth the investment.

Woof Players looking for a fresh start, or simply wanting to take a break from the web, had the option of releasing new characters as two new races were introduced to the game. Blue-skinned, space-faired Draenei sided with the Alliance, while the Horde was bolstered by the addition of the magic-addicted Blood Elves. After years of playing the same starting races, playing as, or even just passing through, these new faces was an amazing time. Both races were wonderful to play with, but the Blood Elves had access to the best song in The flaming crusade.

These moments are an unforgettable part of Woofhistory, but also something that players can apparently hope to experience in the future. The Burning Crusade Classic It’s supposed to be announced this weekend on BlizzConline, and some information has already been leaked about it. Whether they have fond memories of the first round or missed it entirely, players can look forward to returning to the Outlands of The flaming crusade.

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