Fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime might be surprised to learn that the sleeve features different characters and completely different destinations for the main cast. Things are further complicated by the fact that the previous chapters were adapted into a separate Toei anime, with other adaptations beginning later in the manga.

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Like Dragon Ball Z or even One piece, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime has a life of its own and surpasses manga in terms of popularity; However, that does not mean that it is a faithful adaptation or that the manga is not worth reading. the Yu-Gi-Oh! The manga offers information about the franchise that anime fans simply don’t have access to.

10 Yugi had a friend named Tomoya


Yugi had another friend who slowly disappeared from the series: Tomoya Hanasaki. He is obsessed with American comics and superheroes, particularly a series called Zombie, a fascination began when his father gave him a Zombire toy while he was in the hospital.

It gets to the point where he finally dresses up as the character in public. Over time, Tomoya was assigned a lesser role as the letters became the main focus of the story. However, it has appeared in some video games. Interestingly, a character based on his mother appeared in the anime Toei.

9 Yugi is not a good student


Outside of the Toei anime, it is rare to see the characters at school. Shy, tame, and socially awkward Yugi seems like he would be the stereotypical academic, especially with his love of puzzles, but it turns out that he puts too much of his mental prowess into puzzles, as a manga chapter revealed that he only ranks # 372 at his school, only slightly better than Joey and Tristan.

At the time, he was only concerned with making a game of bingo with the test scores. His mother can often be seen scolding him for his homework. The anime adaptation seems to paint Yugi as a good student, as he was even the best student in one of the movies.

8 Yami Yugi was a little short


Dark Yugi, also known as Yami Yugi, seems to function as Yugi’s oldest alter ego in the anime, with him growing a bit older when he takes over Yugi’s body, as well as gaining a deeper voice, presumably reflecting what he was like. Pharaoh. in his previous life. There is some irony in this, as the pharaoh actually younger than Yugi when he died.

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This was less the case in the manga, with Dark Yugi more or less keeping up with Yugi. While it eventually gets taller, it’s because Yugi did it himself. The idea of ​​Yugi “transforming” into his alter-ego seems to be an anime invention.

7 Miho was an even smaller character

Miho asking Tristan for a favor

Fans familiar with the Toei anime may be vaguely familiar with Miho, a prominent female character in the main gang. Somewhat more feminine than Tea, Miho is cheerful, naive and has a crush on Bakura, while Tristan has an unrequited crush on her. He quietly dropped with the second anime series.

It might surprise fans familiar with this version of Miho to know that she was a very minor character in the manga, only appearing in one chapter. Another difference is that he appears to have pink hair in the colored versions of the manga, but he has purple hair in the Toei anime.

6 Tristan had a nephew


One character from the manga that didn’t make it into the anime is Johji, Tristan’s baby nephew, whom he often has to take care of. Unfortunately, he seemed to dislike Tristan and his friends, instead of liking Kaiba. Despite being a baby, he also seemed to be a bit of a pervert, interested in Tea and various adult women.

Interestingly, Johji’s own mother is given a minor role – she doesn’t even appear or have a name even though she’s presumably Tristan’s sister. The only other mention that Tristan even has a sister is when he borrows some of her clothes for Serenity.

5 Joey once burned a serial killer to death


The series makes surprising references to western media, like Joey who wants tickets for the Beauty and the Beast musical in the anime Toei so you can scalp them. An example in the manga is Chopman, a villain who seems straight out of Friday the 13th Y The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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In his backstory, he murdered ten children who were camping near Lake Domino. Never having been caught, he was hired by Kaiba for his theme park. Still obsessed with killing people, Chopman was eventually destroyed by Joey, who burned him to death.

4 Kaiba’s adoptive father was dead the entire time

The exact cause of Gozaburo Kaiba’s death appears to have changed between the manga and the anime. In anime adaptations, he takes his own life or dies of a heart attack after losing control of his company, and the English dub changes him into hiding (though it is eventually revealed in whatever way he charged his conscience in a computer ). The twist on him technically being alive in the virtual world was added to the anime. In the original manga, he clearly commits suicide by jumping out of a window, claiming that he wanted to show Kaiba the fate of a loser.

3 Tristan was not in love with Serenity

Yu Gi Oh Tristan Serenity

In the anime adaptation, Tristan has a crush on Joey’s sister. For her part, Serenity views Tristan primarily as a friend. In the manga, Tristan commented that he thought she was cute, but this was the extent of his feelings. Tristan’s crush on Serenity was created more or less for the anime adaptation. The second anime seems to portray Serenity and Tristan as much closer in age than the original manga, too.

two Mai really wasn’t in Joey’s dream

Like Tristan and Serenity, Mai and Joey’s relationship was played out in the anime. When Joey has a dream where he meets all of his friends at school, Mai is curious to know if she was there. In the anime, it seems that Mai was in Joey’s dream, but initially denies it out of shame. Joey finally confesses the truth to motivate Mai during her duel with Marik Ishtar.

While this story does appear in the manga, things are a bit more cynical: Mai wasn’t really in her dream. Finally, Joey explains that the dream took place in his school classroom, which logically would not include Mai, as she is too old. He jokingly suggested that she might appear as a teacher the next time he has such a dream.

1 Bandit Keith was killed

Bandit by YuGiOh Keith

In the manga, Keith is put through a Penalty Game by Pegasus, his hand turned into a gun, and he is eventually forced to take his own life. A spinoff manga would later see Keith revived by Yako Tenma for information, but his canonical status is debated. The anime decided to be kinder to Keith – he simply falls down a hatch and lands in the ocean, and is eventually caught by Marik. Video games also seem to base their fate on the anime version.

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