These DCEU fan theories have a high chance of being accepted by the comic book community, and may one day be seen in live action as well.

The fandom most likely to get their theories right are comic book fans, as they may be insane, but can still be realized due to the unlimited potential of the genre. The DC Extended Universe has seen its own share of fan theories, many of which can be seen as truly out of place.

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However, those who have read the comics won’t find this too out of the realm of possibility, as the source material has even more outlandish settings that have been part of canon. Because of this, these fan theories have a high chance of being accepted by the comic book community and may one day be seen in live action as well.

10 Lex Luthor received the same vision of the future as Batman

lex luthor in Batman v Superman

Lex Luthor felt an instant hatred for Superman in Dawn of Justice that was not explained in detail. According to this theoryBatman wasn’t the only one who received a glimpse of the future, as Lex was also the recipient of a glimpse of Superman’s turn to villainy.

Because of this, Lex decides to kill Superman, as he believes that Superman’s powers will make him corrupt enough to take over the world. In JLA # 11-15 comics, Luthor had created the Injustice League simply because of his belief that Superman was not altruistic, doing his best to challenge him for this alone.

9 Zack Snyder’s Watchmen exists in the DCEU

Zack Snyder's Watchers Doctor Manhattan Cyborg

Many elements of the comics that the DCEU has ignored, but references to Watchmen they have been found in the form of Easter eggs. This theory consider the possibility that the DCEU is actually the future of the world seen in Zack Snyder Watchmen.

It makes sense for these two universes to collide, since that is what happened in the Doomsday Clock comic, which served as 1986 Watchmen end of the comic. The theory claims that the DCEU’s anti-vigilante sentiment is a direct result of what happened in the Watchmen film.

8 Lois Lane has telepathic powers

Lois Lane Superman in Man of Steel

While many believe that Lois might have outlived her usefulness in the DCEU, there is a good way to make her relevant again. This theory consider the possibility that she has telepathic powers, which she used to learn about the Kryptonite spear from Batman and his mother with the same name as Superman.

As comic book fans know, the story of The New 52 in Superman Annual # 2 “The Last Byline” caused Lois to receive telepathic powers from Senator Hume, which can also be seen as the basis for her alleged DCEU abilities.

7 Jason Todd is the Joker

Jason todd joker

With Zack Snyder’s Justice League With an alternate universe Joker, many have wondered whether or not the character should return in the main continuity. According to this theory, the Joker isn’t even the traditional comic book guy, but Jason Todd, the former Robin.

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The DCEU has confirmed that Todd was killed by the Joker, as shown in his shattered costume, but the idea here is that Jason was corrupted to become the Joker and the murder was only symbolic. In the comics, Joker used to be Little Red Riding Hood before “killing” Jason, who returned from his supposed disappearance as the new Little Red Riding Hood; this can be seen as the link between Todd being the Joker in this continuity.

6 Wonder Woman was also part of the Justice Society

wonder woman in justice league

There have been several ways Wonder Woman has changed since her debut appearance in the DCEU, with the implication that she has been through much more than meets the eye on screen. This theory consider the possibility that she was part of the Justice Society before the Justice League.

It stems from Diana’s claim that the “age of superheroes” had been there before, implying that there was another team of superheroes. In the comics, Wonder Woman joined the Justice Society before the Justice League, as seen in All-Star Comics # 12.

5 Superman planned to use Martha’s connection

Superman in Dawn of Justice

The only reason Batman let Superman live Dawn of Justice It was due to the realization that Superman had a human mother who shared his own mother’s name. This theory claims that Superman already knew about Martha Wayne and had deliberately used the name to get Batman to forgive him.

The idea is that Clark had used his skills as an investigative reporter to unearth information on Bruce. The comic that Clark Kent has also done in the past, as the goal of his job as a reporter is to find information that he would not otherwise know.

4 Booster Gold is the one who will connect the Arrowvese and the DCEU

Gold Reinforcement

Booster Gold was with Rip Hunter when they witnessed the Multiverse spanning 52 parallel universes in the comics. Being a time traveler and having jumped into different dimensions, Booster Gold can easily position himself as the person who can connect different universes of live action.

According to this theory, Booster Gold will do just that, being the key to uniting the Arrowverse with the DCEU by traveling between the two universes where both versions of Rip Hunter also meet.

3 Aquaman will have a tyrannical regime from Atlantis

Aquaman DCEU

Various stories of Flash point the DCEU can use, with Aquaman shown as a warlord in this continuity proclaiming himself as the Emperor. This theory claims that the DCEU Aquaman will become a similar character.

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The implication comes from the trident that he acquired in his solo film. The theory posits it will corrupt him and take him in turn as a tyrannical ruler, much like the Aquaman of the Flash point universe.

two Black Manta has Atlantean ancestry

Black blanket

According to this theory, Black Manta’s ancestor could have received a powerful weapon from an Atlantean and could even have had a child with her to leave some Atlantean physiology in their descendants. At Teen Titans # 11 Comical, Black Manta had received a powerful relic that had allowed him to control the oceans.

Black Manta was one of the strongest supporting villains in the DCEU, which makes sense for the series to improve its skills and backstory in the next film. Atlantean physiology can be a creative twist that combines the relic story from the comics.

1 The DCEU is the universe of injustice seen in live action

superman injustice

The debate of who between Batman and Superman is more important to the Justice League emerged in the Injustice story arc, where Superman turned evil after Lois Lane’s death. This theory believes that the story is not just limited to comics, but takes place in live action.

This means that everything that has happened so far in the DCEU has been the live action version of the Injustice comics and that everything is being built according to what readers had already seen work. It also means that all the movies so far have been prequels.

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