Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a cheesy show, hands down. However, some episodes of this beloved children’s show are more fun than others.

A new form of heroes debuted on American television in 1993. A group of teenagers with an attitude who would harness the powers of the Power Grid and become Power Rangers. Fans who grew up with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers I learned valuable life lessons and the desire to do karate and fight evil by watching his episodes.

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There were some creepy monsters like the clown in “No Clowning Around”. But looking back at the seasons, remember how strange and comical some stories were. They may have wowed fans when they were younger, but those same fans can’t help but laugh at the antics and premise of some episodes.

10 “Thumb or no thumb”

Nobody wants to deal with pesky fleas. But the story of this episode is just comical. The first season episode was about a flea monster created by Rita. Jason finds a dog while the team tries to help Ernie not go out of business; Rita then sees an opportunity to incapacitate the Red Ranger.

His big plan? Planting a flea on the dog that infects Jason to bite him everywhere. Jason and Kimberly try to fight the new flea monster, but Jason can’t seem to concentrate as he has an uncontrollable urge to scratch himself. That’s one way to deter the Rangers. In the end, they find an antidote. To add more comical relief, Bulk and Skull also got infected and were forced to wear flea collars.

9 “Rocky just wants to have fun”

Rocky and Billy in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2 episode 32

The second season episode had a strange story of how Lord Zedd would take revenge on the Rangers. In hindsight, his plan would not have led to his ultimate demise. A new game is delivered at the Juice Bar and Lord Zedd has the idea to cast a spell on Rocky.

The spell forces him to just want to play and have fun like a little kid. Fans can’t help but laugh at this story because Rocky refuses to transform and help fight the monster Pachinko. It somehow makes the Rangers become Pachinko balls, except for Tommy.

8 “Two for one”

Lord Zedd held onto the straws creating a monster for the Rangers in “Two For One”. Kimberly and Tommy have a date in the park. Kimberly’s mom lent her the purse she used when she first went out with her father. During the date, Lord Zedd instructs Goldar to steal the bag.

For some comical reason, Lord Zedd decided to turn the bag into a monster, Pursehead. And since each bag must contain lipstick, Kimberly’s becomes Lipsyncher. Pursehead’s weapons depended on the contents within the bag. This monster and the story was a truly fun time.

7 “Food fight”

Pudgy Pig monster in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1

“Food Fight” is one of the first episodes of the first season. It is often one of the most memorable for its disgusting monster and the comedic story that goes with it. Pudgy Pig makes her debut as Angel Grove High School hosts a Cultural Food Festival.

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Things get ugly when Bulk and Skull turn it into a food fight that inspires Rita. Not the best designed monster, but Pudgy Pig is sent to eat the world’s food supply. Fans can vividly remember the monster that walked into the dining room and ate everything in sight. Then it is weakened by eating spicy foods.

6 “Lights Camera action”

Power Rangers in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2 episode 33

This episode had an overall valuable lesson for its young audience; that everyone needs the power of a well-educated mind beyond psychic strength. What made fans laugh was everything that happens in between. For starters, it’s strange to see the Power Rangers as guest stars on a talk show.

At the same time, Bulk and Skull see it as an opportunity to reveal their identities but only fail miserably. The Rangers even try to teach the host how to do a jump kick. They are then called in to deal with a monster and Bulk and Skull break the set.

5 “Room down and long”

Centiback monster on

Lord Zedd and Rita went too far with this monster that only generates huge laughter from its viewers. Zedd is interested in soccer and he’s really good at it. Finster creates a special centipede that fuses with a soccer ball creating a new monster. This monster’s special trick? Turn anyone into a soccer ball.

In order for people to turn into a soccer ball, they must catch it when Centiback throws it. Rocky becomes the only Ranger unaffected and finds a way to stop him. You must catch the soccer balls in inverted cubes. To which Centiback complains that they are not playing fair.

4 “Pita de Rita”

Tommy and the Rangers in

For whatever reason, Rita is incredibly upset about Tommy’s healthy eating habits. Tommy is aware that eating junk food is not good for the body or mind. Order a veggie pita and fruit smoothies and convince Danny to swap out his burger and fries. Rita is so angry that she decides to create a new monster to annoy Tommy.

Ravenator is reduced in size and planted in Tommy’s vegetable pita. His spell forces Tommy to have uncontrollable hunger and eat everything in sight. Fans will laugh at seeing Tommy ditch leftovers, a chocolate shake, and every unhealthy food imaginable.

3 “The notion of potions”

Kimberly and Skull in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 3 episode 15

There is nothing like falling in love. But in this case, it’s a bit strange who the characters are paired with. The episode focuses on love when Zedd and Rita go on their honeymoon for the second time. Rito uses Finster’s new monster Miss Chief to cast a spell on the people of Angel Grove and fall in love using a potion Rita used on Zedd for her wedding.

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The fun part is that it creates some unlikely pairings. Kimberly falls madly in love with Skull. Bulk is even bewitched to fall in love with Aisha. The whole story of the episode is worth laughing at for its absurdity.

two “Another brick in the wall”

A common theme for some of Rita and Zedd’s monsters is turning people into inanimate objects. That’s one way to deal with pesky Rangers and take on massive domination, but it also makes audiences laugh. In “Another Brick in the Wall”, Rita casts an evil spell on Katherine that only fails. Instead, she hits the brick wall behind her creating a monster, Brick Bully.

Its special power is to turn people into solid bricks. Even some of the Power Rangers were turned into multi-colored bricks to differentiate them. To top off the comic story, Brick Bully grows stronger by eating construction materials.

1 “Power Ranger Punks”

Billy and Kimberly in season 1, episode 12 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Fans couldn’t help but laugh at how awkward “Power Ranger Punks” was in the first season of the popular show. Mainly because Kimberly and Billy become punks rather than the Goody-two-shoes Rangers they are known for. While playing volleyball, they both drink water that Baboo added with a potion.

They soon become misfits, leaving their normally close-knit crew to cause trouble elsewhere. The next day, Kimberly and Billy arrive at school in new clothes perfect for a ruckus. Billy even threatens Bulk while Kimberly flirts with Skull. In the end, they are healed and defeat the monster born from Baboo’s plan. Skull eventually approaches Kimberly saying that he needs to keep his promise of a date and she rejects him completely.

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