Over a hundred years after its inception, Nintendo is arguably the most popular video game company in the world, with a variety of fabulous iconic franchises in which fans are clamoring to see new entries. Long-running series like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Y Animal crossing I have had many beloved games that feel as fresh today as when they were released.

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These franchises are home to some of the most memorable heroes and villains in all of games, most of whom are true archetypes of good and evil. Nonetheless, some of Nintendo’s villains feel like it would be fun to be with them when they aren’t taking the world down. On the contrary, some heroes are likely to be deeply unpleasant when they aren’t saving the day.

10 Funny Villain: Bowser Junior

Mario’s main villain and archenemy King Bowser Koopa is undoubtedly evil as he always kidnaps Princess Peach, tries to kill Mario and Luigi, and worse, he doesn’t seem to have a life beyond threatening the Kingdom. Mushroom. On the other hand, his son Bowser Junior is evil but he seems a lot more fun. In his first appearance in Super Mario Sunshine, plays dressed as Mario, has a keen interest in street art, and was possibly the one who invited Peach and her friends to sunny Isle Delfino for a vacation. He’s emotional, mischievous, and he’s also good at building things.

9 Jerk Hero: Kirby

Although not as popular as Mario, Kirby has been the star of many platforming adventures since Kirby’s dreamland for Game Boy since 1992. It has even had its own spin-off fighting and racing games, like Mario. However, unlike most video game heroes, Kirby’s powers have to do with eating people. It’s bad enough when Kirby is inhaling his enemies, but the Waddle Dees are innocent harmless and Kirby still consumes them. In Smash bros Kirby is the only character with the power to steal the abilities of another fighter. He is also known to eat his friends and beat a harmless tree until he cries.

8 Funny Villain: Cia

Most of the main villains of The legend of Zelda the series seem to be a real buzz. Ganondorf, for example, dresses in drab armor, never makes a joke, and doesn’t associate with anyone. Company of Hyrule WarriorsOn the other hand, it seems that it would be much more entertaining. She dresses much more flamboyant to begin with, wearing a Mardi Gras-style mask, suggesting that she is a true party girl, and her magic would make her the life of that party. The most important thing is that everything you do is for love, even if it is not reciprocated.

7 Jerk Hero: Link

Link has been the central hero in almost everyone The legend of Zelda game. Master swordsman, musician, expert in foreign cultures, likes to travel, saves the world constantly, Link seems like the perfect guy. However, it is not. In The Wind Waker Link didn’t seem too worried about his sister being kidnapped by the world’s most evil man, and he doesn’t seem in a rush to save Zelda either.

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In Breath of the wild let all of Hyrule be destroyed. In addition, according to Ocarina of time, he’s actually just a little boy in a man’s body, which means he never grew up. He also never speaks, even though everyone speaks to him.

6 Funny Villain: Tom Nook

Business raccoon Tom Nook is painted as the unofficial bad boy of the Animal crossing series, even though the games are generally laid back and laid back. The reason for this is that it gives the player a massive loan at the beginning of the game, then all Animal crossing it is spent paying you. However, this loan is completely interest-free and allows the player to buy a place to live, which actually makes Tom Nook sound like the greatest capitalist of all time. He is also very supportive of his two nephews, always gives the player first choice in home furnishings, and is generally a kind and charming guy.

5 Jerk Hero: Samus Aran

Metroid’s Intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran is just as miserable as most of the Nintendo protagonists. She never talks to aliens, she is always shooting, even if a creature is indigenous. He has spent most of the games attempting to commit genocide of the Metroid species. At one point, a Metroid baby adopts her as his mother, and she gladly lets the little parasite give his life to save hers in Super metroid.

4 Funny Villain: Star Wolf

While Andross is the evil space monster of the Star fox Shooter series, Wolf O’Connell’s Star Wolf mercenary team appears to be a more interesting yet another face to Fox McCloud’s Star Fox squad. Despite being employed occasionally by men like Andross, that’s just a job, and they’re not evil themselves.

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While everyone has rewards for them, they all seem like a bunch of guys looking for a paycheck and a good time. They certainly convinced beloved Star Fox Adventures heroine Krystal, who joined Star Wolf after being kicked out of Star Fox, and seems very happy there.

3 Jerk Hero: Captain Falcon

Nintendo’s top racing driver F-Zero In futuristic ultra-fast racing games, Captain Falcon already looks like an overconfident idiot, in his muscular suit, black racing visor, oversized shoulder pad, and pretentious scarf. He is a marketer and loves to be the center of attention, as he even Mario Kart he has billboards with his face on them. Is he Smash bros fighting games, however, that solidified how idiotic he is, such as the way he names his moves after himself (which he says before doing them).

two Funny Villain: Wario

Mario’s evil rival, Wario, has been around since 1992. Super Mario Land 2 on the Game Boy and instantly became an attractive character. Despite being very greedy and jealous of Mario’s success, Wario was much more fun than Mario. Not only did he get his own game series, but he took over as the player character of the Mario land games too. Wario is reckless, greedy, rough, and a bit silly, but overall he is more interesting than Mario. He also won a brother, Waluigi, and has a gang of misfit friends from the WarioWare series, so he’s not a loner either.

1 Jerk Hero: Mario

Despite being intended as a blank character for players to print, Nintendo’s mascot Mario definitely has a personality, and he’s not necessarily nice. Mario has let Peach be kidnapped and the Mushroom Kingdom fall and ruin countless times. It seems that he only visits the princess when she is in mortal danger. Out of all the hundreds of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, etc. that Mario has trampled on over the years, many of them weren’t even attacking him. Mario seems to enjoy the destruction, hitting every block and stealing every coin he sees. Also, he needs to have his name on each of his activities, like golf, tennis, or the ever-popular go-kart racing, so he’s also a bit arrogant.

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