A shocking arrest for domestic abuse and two divorces later, 90 Day Fiancé season 2 couple Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares split.

Up to now, 90 day fiancé It has had eight seasons and several other spin-offs showing the fairytale and nightmare relationships of various couples, with Jason Hitch and Cassia Taraves’ relationship falling into the latter category. One of the troubled OG couples from the TLC reality show Jason and Cassia appeared in season 2 and with their eerie age gap of 15 years they divorced twice. But what dramatic events led to the notoriety that 90 day fiancé couple that Jason and Cassia won? Here’s a look.

Spring Hill, Florida, resident and veteran of the US Army Jason was 38 years old when he debuted in 90 day fiancé to document his relationship with Cassia, 23, of Curitiba, Brazil. Along with pets Cecelia, Kisses, Mercedes, and Frank, Jason stayed at his home with Father Ron as he prepared for Cassia’s arrival on a K-1 visa to the United States. Jason had been on a couple of dates after online dating until he met 90 day fiancé wife Cassia, who was initially in a relationship with her friend with whom she went to basic training and struck up a conversation. Six months later, when Cassia broke up with her friend, she approached him and, after meeting in Brazil, she and Jason were in a relationship. “I can not imagine with anyone but her, ”Jason had exclaimed before traveling 5000 miles to Brazil to pick her up. Even though Jason’s father had reservations about his communication and Cassia’s trust and communication issues, he took “90 days to find out“As their 90 day fiancé the relationship would continue.

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But upon arriving in the United States, 90 day fiancé The star Cassia got into trouble with Jason’s small town and his immature friends, as he too began to doubt his true intentions. Jason’s frugal life and financial troubles are not what Cassia expected, despite the fact that he had done his K-1 process by referring to online forums rather than going to an agent. But unexpectedly, Cassia struck a chord with her father-in-law, and he soon married her. 90 day fiancé husband Jason. Still, as soon as the show ended, so did their relationship. Jason and Cassia started a mail order snack business called Gifting Fun. But for 2017, they parted ways for a few months just to get back together. In 2018, the Brazilian star called the police to her husband claiming that he had been physical with her during the fight. Surprisingly, Jason was arrested. But Cassia withdrew the statement when Jason denied the allegations and filed for divorce, but they stayed together to give love another chance.

What The Cinemaholic reports, during this time, 90 day fiancé Jason and Cassia traveled to Melbourne for an Army retreat, attended concerts and had a great time. But in September 2018, they filed for a second divorce; this time, it was permanent. The couple, however, remained friends. Cassia even lived with Jason afterward, when he earned a college degree before he returned to Brazil a few months later. the 90 day fiancé The star Cassia then returned to America and received her BA in communication from the University of South Florida and began dating an Italian Giuseppe. At the beginning of February this year, Cassia Tavares She married Giuseppe in an Italian court according to her Instagram. Meanwhile, Cassia 90 day fiancé former Jason hitch calls himself a “balloon artist, florist and pet groomerOn his IG profile, suggesting that he may still be single.

It was recently that Cassia claimed most of it 90 day fiancé scenes were heavily edited or written via YouTube video. As Cassia mentions, the scene at the airport when she tells Jason that she wouldn’t be meeting him in Rio “it was edited very well, “The pregnancy test scene was”100 percent writtenAnd that they were already married in Florida before their 90 day fiancé Even the wedding ceremony was filmed in Las Vegas.

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