Apple is reportedly in talks with several potential LiDAR vendors for its Apple Car and is said to be considering the best approach.

Apple You are still looking for the right LiDAR sensor supplier for your Apple Car and are in talks with several potential partners, according to a report. The Apple Car, which is believed to have been in development for several years, is expected to be an autonomous passenger car of some kind. LiDAR would be used as a means to allow the vehicle to “see” what is around it.

LiDAR is short for Light Detection and Ranging and maps the surroundings by firing lasers thousands of times per second to create a highly detailed image of what is around. It’s already used by a number of autonomous car developers, including Alphabet’s Waymo and General Motors’ Cruise, but not by Tesla, oddly enough, which has chosen to use computer vision only as a means of mapping the world around their vehicles. Apple, meanwhile, has some experience working with LiDAR, having integrated LiDAR sensors into its iPad Pro tablet and iPhone 12 Pro smartphone.

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Self-driving cars are, of course, a different perspective, which is undoubtedly why according to Bloomberg, Apple is “You have not yet decided on a preferred lidar vendor and are likely considering a variety of options, including a highly customized version of the sensors.” Citing “people familiar with the matter” who have requested to remain anonymous due to the secrecy of the Apple Car project, Bloomberg says that Apple has developed most of the artificial intelligence software, processors and algorithms it needs for its car, but that it is seeking outside vendors to provide certain parts. critical hardware. The LiDAR sensors you are supposedly looking at will be considered seemingly cutting edge four to five years from now, which suggests this is when Apple is aiming to launch its car.

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In fact, Bloomberg says Apple staff members have previously told him that an Apple Car launch is at least five years away. Previous reports had suggested that production could start from 2024, which could still coincide with that. Of course, you’ll have to put your production partner in his place long before that, with its “will-they-not-they” saga with Hyundai and / or Kia having been well publicized of late.

Whatever is ultimately produced, we can be sure that it will have autonomous driving capabilities. However, there have also been reports that Apple Car will be completely autonomous to the extent that it would be designed for use without a driver. This would suggest that Apple is looking to create so-called ‘robotaxis’ that could help usher in the new era of mobility that has been widely touted as the successor to the current automotive paradigm. That would certainly align with Apple’s way of disrupting industries.

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Source: Bloomberg

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