Batman is basically the superhero version of the Swiss Army knife, but a hero has just found a way to beat the Dark Knight on his own gadget game.

Warning: Spoilers for Future State: Superman from Metropolis # 2!

In DC Comics, bat Man is a character synonymous with the idea of ​​technology. From his various bat gadgets to the ridiculous amount of high-tech weaponry packed into his compact and trendy tool belt, the Dark Knight is often considered the go-to man for all manner of crime-fighting gadgets, regardless. of which they are.

But in DC Future state, a decidedly different hero just took Batman’s crown as the King of Gadgets, and he doesn’t seem too keen on giving it back to him. Returning to the limelight as the future hero of Metropolis, the new Mister Miracle, AKA Norman Shilo, he has more tricks up his sleeve than Batman has backup plans, and if his ingenious set of gadgets and tech is to be believed, Bats has a lot of work for him if he ever tries to outmaneuver this futuristic hero.

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Introduced in 1973 by Jack Kirby, Norman Shilo is the third Mister Miracle to keep the mantle after the original Thaddeus Brown and the second and most popular incarnation of the character in Scott Free. Now the only man behind the mask in the distant future of DC, the second issue of Future State: Superman from Metropolis contains a back-up story from Brandon Easton and Valentine from Landro showing just how far Norman has come by cleverly stealing thunder from Batman.

Mr. Miracle Hologram Suit

Along with the Apokolips technology known as Mother Box, or MB as Norman calls it, Norman is immediately shown to be a capable fighter and user of technology as he tries to find a way to save Metropolis from being trapped in a new Superman dome, Jonathan Kent, doing. Fighting a robotic sentry as he tries to get to the bottom of the city situation, Norman uses his trusty aero-discs, or little circular pads that allow him to levitate, to push the machine back as best he can. And this is where Batman starts to blush when Norman pulls out some cool tech to escape his metal foe.

Using his aero-discs as a weapon to sever the robot’s tentacles, Norman proceeds to cut through a nearby fire hydrant that sprays water everywhere in a fine mist that he uses to his advantage. By amplifying the water droplets with the scattered light from his costume, Norman projects duplicate images of himself on the battlefield. “like a million little kaleidoscopes”, Allowing him to briefly escape, only to be forced to use a tried and true bat device on a singular puff of smoke moments later to escape the machines that were still chasing him. Still without the upper hand, Norman risks it all with the latest technological attack in his arsenal: a full-blown energy blast called the Parasite Effect that uses the ambient cosmic background radiation around him along with MB’s inherent power to take down his attackers and give Norman the final victory that he so badly needed, something Batman’s technology couldn’t even compare to if he tried.

So while recent developments might not have Batman at the top of the list for high-tech devices in the current continuity (and even Future state continuity for that matter), the new Mr miracle easily snatches the crown from Batman in a timeline yet to be fulfilled. bat Man He will always be a technologically advanced hero, but Norman Shilo can clearly give The Dark Knight a chance any day.

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