ABC’s Big Sky just watched his underrated mastermind achieve the ultimate victory using corpses and traps in his sinister escape plan.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Big sky Season 1, Episode 9, “Let It Be Him”, now available on ABC.

On ABC Big DarlingWhile Rick (John Carroll Lynch) is hospitalized with memory loss, the police simply can’t figure out how to catch his partner, Ron (Brian Geraghty), in the Montana kidnapping ring. Ron is evading them even with sketches in the media, but it seems that after killing his mother Helen, father Ted and kidnapping young Erik, he is running out of time. However, in the last episode, Ron achieves the final victory and shows everyone why he is a true mastermind.

Cassie, fed up with relying on Rick, uses the Erik role route to track the boy back to Ron’s house, calling for Calvary. But when they enter, Ron has booby-trapped doors, gas leaks, and electrical sparks to create a massive bomb. Fortunately, Jenny makes her way to the basement to rescue Erik in her hoodie. But when they pull down the hoodie, it’s Helen’s dead body, showing how smart Ron is, creating a distraction.

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He’s on the road in Ted’s Tesla, but within minutes, the helicopters are in the air. The black car can only go so far, since all the roads are cordoned off. Cassie and Jenny end up following the vehicle, chasing it to the Fast and Furious when they realize that Erik is tied up and muzzled in the passenger seat. But the next twist is that when they stand next to the driver’s side, there is no Ron.

It’s Ted’s corpse strapped to the wheel, and as the cops reveal, once there’s weight on it, the Tesla can drive at high speeds on autopilot. Fortunately, Cass is a resourceful driver and ends up in front of the Tesla, stopping it with its automatic braking system. But when they rescue Erik, they get bad news as he admits that Ron made a stop earlier and jumped off a bridge. It seemed that the stop was only to put Erik in the front seat from the trunk, but the boy confesses that Ron seemed like he wanted to end it all.

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However, he cannot confirm that he saw him fall into the water as the car accelerated, leaving police officers scrambling to find a body. Cass and Jen hope the divers can do their job, but right now they are happy that Erik is reunited with his mother.

That said, they are a bit mad at Ron always right under their nose and always one step ahead. But when the episode ends, he is seen transporting trucks in another part of the United States. He has a malicious smile on his face, suggesting that he is moving towards other victims, but when Big Darling resuming in April, the preview of Episode 10 confirms that although the women will be in new cases, they have not closed the book on Ron.

Big Sky stars Katheryn Winnick, Ryan Phillips, Kylie Bunbury, Brian Geraghty, and Valerie Mahaffey. It will resume on April 13, with the remaining seven episodes airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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