Sacha Baron Cohen and the editors of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm reveal new inspiration behind editing the sequel in the form of Mike Pence.

The editors of Borat Post Movie I have a clip of Mike Pence to thank him for the story idea for the movie. Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest film was released fourteen years after its popular predecessor, Borat, Cohen repeats his main character, Borat Sagdiyev, a Kazakh reporter who visits the United States once again to gift his daughter to Pence. The film featured newcomer Maria Bakalova as Borat’s daughter, Tutar.

The sequel to the 2006 mockumentary was secretly shot from late 2019 to 2020 and was scheduled for release before Election Day. Like its predecessor, the sequel has had success and controversy, becoming one of the most-watched films of the past year and at the same time has had conflicts with its protagonists, in particular Pence and a revealing scene involving Rudy Giuliani. Due to major events that occurred during filming, the film’s plot continued to evolve to accommodate the relevance of the story, and the people involved had to stand for a short period of time before releasing the finished product.

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According to Deadline, Cohen revealed that editors Craig Alpert and James Thomas found a moment during editing that led to the film’s story. That moment comes during one of the many impressive feats featured in the film in which Borat goes to the CPAC convention disguised as Donald Trump with his daughter while the former vice president gives a speech on coronavirus cases in the United States. Despite having that scene as the original ending of the film, Cohen and the editors realized that there was more to the story they were trying to tell that examined the issues more deeply. During an interview with the Crew Call podcast, Cohen explained why this particular moment changed the course of the entire film:

“CPAC was the culmination of the third act: I rescued Tutar from Giuliani. She stumbles while they chase me and Mike Pence is talking and that’s the end of the movie. They have closed us because of Covid. Me and my producer Monica Levinson, we decided continue editing. James (Thomas) says “You have to see this!” Think back to March and people were treating Covid like it was a tropical storm …[We] had this epiphany. This is a film that we are releasing before the elections and that we are making to show our protest against Trump and Trumpism and the conspiracies that the government propagated. We see the vice president spreading this dire lie that we are ready for Covid. We knew the numbers would run into the hundreds of thousands in America.

“It was a way of showing the incompetence of the Trump administration. This was an emotional father and daughter movie, this had questions about patriarchy, but fundamentally it was a catalog of the wrongdoings of Trump and Trumpism in 90 minutes. There was a realization that his biggest and most catastrophic crime was the willful incompetence of Covid that led to the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and here he is, the vice president, the day he was put in charge of the Covid task force saying ‘ Okay guys! We got it under control! ‘That moment these editors found transforms the entire film and transforms the entire production. “

Borat 2 Ball Scene Sacha Baron Cohen

With production shutting down due to the pandemic, Thomas and Alpert had to evaluate the hours of footage already shot to edit everything to a reasonable length for a movie. And it’s usually during the editing process that the film’s foundation comes into focus, which puts incredible pressure and responsibility on editors. With the former vice president blatantly spewing dangerous lies about a major disease that would impact millions, it makes sense to change the narrative for the sequel involving a global catastrophe to blend in with borderline humor and controversial jokes.

Despite Borat’s popularity and the brave stunts he does, it’s heartwarming to see him prevail in the transformative events of today’s times, comical as they are. And the editors have done a wonderful job maintaining the humor of the film while also telling a much bigger story. While Borat Post Movie It is essentially a comedy film, sheds light on the serious issues that shape society as a whole and reveals the tremendous effects it has on individuals; all of which makes the process and the making of the movie even more impressive.

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