Mad Max: Fury Road It is by far one of the most exciting action movies of the last decade. It’s visually stunning, features standout performances, and has deeper themes that not all action movies typically display with pride.

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However, such success and acclaim for director George Miller and the film crew doesn’t come at a low cost. In fact, the cast and crew had to go through years of development hell before going through production and post-production editing nightmares.

10 It all started with development hell

Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road fighting a man.

After the launch of Mad Max beyond the Thunderdome In 1985, George Miller wanted to make a fourth movie, but the studio was unable to finance the project that it would remain in development hell for a decade.

Even a decade later, when Miller bought the rights to future films in the franchise in 1995, he didn’t immediately know what he wanted to do next. It was only in 1998 that he came up with an idea for a fourth installment, which he then improved upon in 1999 and went to 20th Century Fox to release.

9 Filming didn’t seem to start

Mad Max Fury Road Landscape

The movie was originally scheduled to shoot in 2001, but was postponed due to the September 11 attacks. In 2003, filming was delayed again due to the Iraq War (which was a problem because filming was moved to Namibia from its initial location in Australia). Miller went on to direct 2006’s Happy Feet before returning to the project.

After the experience, the director briefly considered animating the film instead, but settled for live action as initially intended. In 2009, it was announced that filming would begin in 2011, but it was delayed a couple more times before finally starting in July 2012.

8 The lead actor was changed

This is not usually a big problem because many projects will continue to change their actors in pre-production, but the situation with Mad Max: Fury Road it was a little different.

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Even in the early 2000s, Miller didn’t see Mel Gibson playing the title role for a number of reasons, including the fact that he wanted the character to be as young as he was in the original films. One of the main options for the main role of Max was Heath Ledger. However, after Ledger’s untimely death in 2008, Miller finally cast Tom Hardy as Max.

7 The weather was changing … again

Tom Hardy in Mad Max Fury Road

Once everything was in place, filming was scheduled to begin again in Australia. However, Miller ran into another problem. The climate was changing and the filmmakers couldn’t do anything.

Heavy rains in Australia’s Broken Hill desert caused wildflowers to grow in the locations chosen by the team, which was absolutely inappropriate for the look of the film. Once again, Miller and the crew had to come up with another plan.

6 Filming locations were changing … again

Mad Max Fury Road - War Boys, V8 Cult

Like the previous time, the team decided to move to Namibia to shoot the movie there. Fortunately, this time there were no major problems (except of course the fact that they had to reschedule filming once more).

Other sites that were considered included the Chott el Djerid in Tunisia and the Atacama Desert in Chile, along with some sites in Azerbaijan.

5 Everything was filmed on the spot

Mad Max Fury Road - War Boys V8

Of course, filming in peace was never an option, so it was obvious that Miller would want to do something great with his new movie.

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For starters, most of the film was shot on location and the director made sure there were a significant number of real cars so they didn’t have to be added later with CGI. Additionally, Miller primarily used their storyboards rather than the script to shoot the movie, which caused them to spend even more time filming (which eventually took eight months to complete).

4 There were tensions between the cast members

When filming in a desert, it is inevitable that the weather is not nice and cool, but rather hot and stressful. So it’s not surprising that tensions between cast and crew (especially for Miller, Hardy, and Charlize Theron) rose.

Of course, the weather wasn’t the only problem here. The general atmosphere and constant stress were doing their part to exacerbate the tensions between everyone (to some extent). Fortunately, Theron and Hardy admitted that they should have been easier on each other, with Hardy even apologizing to Miller.

3 Accusations of damaging the Namibian desert

In February 2013, a draft document from the Namibia Coast Conservation and Management Project was leaked that accused the filmmakers of damaging the Namibian desert.

Apparently the filming caused some plant and animal species to be endangered, which is not that surprising considering the filming involved explosions and the use of fire in one form or another. The Namibia Film Commission visited the set and said that claims by the media were unfair.

two The result was 480 hours of footage

It’s no wonder the movie took around two years to release after filming ended. Why? Well, Miller now had 480 hours of footage to edit.

It’s amazing that the director managed to create something worthy at the end of all the images he had, a film that was praised by critics and regular viewers alike.

1 The disappointment that came after

mad max fury road witness me

Despite being a film loved by critics and audiences alike (and garnering multiple nominations and awards at all major award shows), Mad Max: Fury Road It was a box office disappointment theatrically.

With a reported budget of around $ 155-185 million, it only made $ 375 million in theaters. With that said, it got multiple home editions that have collectively grossed a total of nearly $ 56 million as of 2020.

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