The identity of Tory Nichols’ mother is a big Cobra Kai mystery, but could season 4 reveal that she’s Julie Pierce (Hilary Swank) from Karate Kid 4?

Cobra Kai season 4 could bring back The Next Karate Kid star Hilary Swank and reveals that Julie Pierce is Tory Nichols’ mother. During the first three seasons of Cobra Kai, the Karate kid The sequel series has explored the role karate continues to play in the Valley. The renewed rivalry between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso reached a turning point at the end of Season 2, and its dynamics changed again at the conclusion of Season 3.

Johnny and Daniel agreed to combine the forces of Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang Karate at the end of Cobra Kai season 3. Their union is only done to give them the best chance of defeating John Kreese and Cobra Kai in the next All-Valley Tournament. The season finale also featured a possible Terry Silver teaser from The Karate Kid Part III coming back. This would make him one of the many characters from Miyagi’s verse to return for a role on the show. Most recently, Season 3 saw Elisabeth Shue return as Ali Mills and features Chozen and Kamiko. These familiar faces are surely not the last Cobra KaiThe showrunners plan to bring back as the series continues.

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As fans look forward to who could be included in Cobra Kai season 4, one of the most popular suggestions is Karate kid 4Julie Pierce. There has been a lot of debate about how the show could bring another Miyagi student back. While Julie proved to be a capable fighter, becoming a karate master would be too similar to what Cobra Kai has done with his other veterans. Rather than telling a potentially clichéd story, there are other options for Julie’s story to continue. One of them could be by revealing that she is Tory’s mom.

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Cobra Kai has kept the identity of Tory’s mom a secret

Tory Nichols joined Cobra KaiThe story during season 2 when he tried a place in the renowned Cobra Kai. She quickly proved to be a great fighter and caught the attention of Miguel Díaz as well as the disdain of Sam LaRusso. While most of her story so far has been related to her old romance with Miguel and the ongoing rivalry with Sam, Tory was linked to some popular fan theories. As Cobra Kai She hasn’t explored much of her past or her family, one of the most popular theories heading into season 3 was that Tory is the daughter of Ali Mills. However, season 3 showed that that was not the case.

Without the revelation that Tory and Ali are related, that leaves the identity of Tory’s mother open to all possibilities. Cobra Kai He hasn’t revealed much about Tory’s mother, other than that she used to be a waitress, and her treatment is what helped shape Tory’s worldview. Tory’s home life is hinted at during season 3 again, with the landlord harassing her for rent as she tries to balance multiple jobs and karate. It is also revealed during the season that Tory’s mother is ill, and at one point she can be heard coughing from inside the apartment. But, Cobra Kai It doesn’t show Tory’s mother at all, which could be to preserve the reveal of a returning main character.

Theory: Julie Pierce from Karate Kid 4 is Tory’s mom

Cobra Kai Tory Mom Hilary Swank Julie Pierce SR

Just alluding to Tory’s mom, Cobra Kai it incites speculation that his identity is a big deal. The parents of several of the other children have been included, making the lack of Tory’s family even more intriguing. Now that we know Ali Mills is not Tory’s mom, there are limited options from the Karate kid Past the franchise that might be the answer. Somebody like The Karate Kid Part IIIJessica Andrews might be a solution, but Julie Pierce is the most prominent female character in the Miyagi verse who has yet to appear. Cobra Kai He could be playing this reveal so slowly to make sure Hilary Swank can return.

No information is available on what happened to Julie Pierce after the end of The Next Karate Kid, what gives Cobra Kai a lot of freedom to make sense of the revelation that she is Tory’s mother. Several years after the events of Karate kid 4, Julie could have married and started a family. This marriage may explain why Tory’s last name is Nichols instead of Pierce. Julie, who is Tory’s mother, can also shed more light on her natural fighting abilities. Given that her father taught Julie karate before he died, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Julie taught her own children some lessons. Tory’s interest in fighting and skills could be passed down from her mother.

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The similarities between Julie and Tory can be taken a step further than athletics. Cobra Kai It has made Tory incredibly angry and has let those emotions take over on many occasions. In many ways, Tory’s anger with the world is similar to what Julie felt when Miyagi began teaching her several decades ago. Julie was upset over the death of her parents and later her grandfather’s, and as a result, she often took her anger out on others. This is quite similar to what is happening now Tory. And while Miyagi was finally able to help Julie, Tory trying to do everything herself is familiar behavior.

Julie’s return as Tory’s sick mother would also be a remarkably new way of including another past. Karate kid character. Julie’s only connection to the current story is being a student of Miyagi, just like Daniel, but her appearance may show the opposite side of her life. While Daniel grew up to great professional and personal success, it doesn’t seem like the world has been that kind to Tory or her mother. It would be fascinating to see another Miyagi student apply the same kind of wisdom in less than desirable circumstances.

Could Julie Pierce help redeem Tory?

Julie Pierce and Mr Miyagi in The Next Karate Kid

Although Tory has been more of a villain than a hero in Cobra Kai, the show has shown that a redemption story is still possible for almost everyone. It’s not out of the realm of possibility for the series to try to bring Tory out into the open before all is said and done. So far she has been seduced by the ways of Cobra Kai and has undoubtedly gone too far in some cases. However, if Hawk can seemingly be redeemed, Tory could too, especially with her mother’s help.

Julie doesn’t need to be another Miyagi protégé teaching karate to a younger generation to make a difference. If her health is failing, showing Tory that someone cares about her and bringing some of Miyagi’s wisdom to her every now and then might be enough. Cobra Kai It has allowed Daniel to do this throughout the run of the show with varying levels of success. With Miyagi previously helping Julie overcome her anger, she could use the same wisdom and techniques to potentially help Tory see the error of her ways. But, if Tory also intends to remain a “villain” by Cobra KaiThe future of Julie Pierce, who is her mother, can also be used to show the flaws or rejection of Miyagi’s teachings.

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