The stereotype that women are not funny has been a myth accepted as fact for a long time, although the stereotype is not based on reality. Some of the funniest comedians in the world have been comedians, although they often failed to achieve general success in the past, because women were traditionally pigeonholed into specific roles on television, such as mothers and wives.

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As the television and entertainment industry progressed alongside society, women have shone as comedians, from comedians like Mo’nique, and comedy actors, like Leah Remini and Jack√©e Harry, even for writers, like Megan Ganz and Mindy Kaling.

10 Dee Reynolds (It’s always sunny in Philadelphia)

Dee Reynolds eating cake (It's always sunny in Philly)

Dee Reynolds is part of the most dysfunctional group of friends in Philadelphia. The show, on its superficial level, pokes fun at a group of ignorant and self-centered characters who make a lot of bad decisions. This includes the character of Dee, the outcast of the group, desperate for her approval.

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She tries her best to try to be funny, hoping that someone will finally love her. Dee can make a lot of bad decisions doing this, but it can often be darkly funny.

9 Hyacinth Bucket (Keeping up appearances)

Hyacinth Bucket (Keeping up appearances)

Madame Bucket, pronounced “Bou-quet” to those who do not know her, is the most refined, cultured and elitist woman in the city. Unfortunately for her, most of the upper-class people she is courting don’t think so, so Hyacinth is forced to interact with her middle-class neighbors, her working-class relatives, and her lazy son, who just calls to ask for money.

The high-society housewife spends her days planning and plotting to move up the class ladder in her laid-back English community, and in the process she exhausts her husband’s will to live with his authoritarian nature. She often does incredible stunts in her complex social climbing schemes, donning her middle-class floral dresses and box hats, and expertly jumping hurdles in the process.

8 Maxine Shaw (Living Single)

Maxine Shaw (Living Single)

Attorney Maxine Shaw is a brilliant, opinionated, selfish, and arrogant attorney who still manages to capture the hearts of her friends with her wit and stronger than life personality. Maxine is remembered for her devastating wit and opportunity when she exchanges insults with her nemesis and lover, Kyle Barker.

She is also incredibly rude and doesn’t care what others think of her, both the ravishing men and those in love with her in the process. It is later revealed that Maxine used to be a Zulu warrior king in her past life, which explains her domineering personality.

7 Lucy Ricardo (I love Lucy)

Lucy Ricardo

One of the most famous female characters on television of all time, Lucy Ricardo is the troubled and fun wife of Ricky Ricardo, who finds her homemaker duties boring and longs for the adventure of being on a television with her husband, Ricky. .

Lucy is not only troublesome, but also silly and manipulative. She is often making up plans to land her role in show business because she dreams of becoming a celebrity. Lucy often gives her husband headaches due to her wit, her talent for comedy, and her refusal to do what he wants, even as a 1950s housewife.

6 Sophia Petrillo (The Golden Girls)

Sophia Petrillo (The Golden Girls)

Sophia Petrillo is a formidable character in the body of a little old woman. The 80-something Sicilian moved from Sicily to New York in her youth and lived a life full of danger, adventure and love. Sophia is really good at insulting, a quality her daughter, Dorothy, inherited from her. Sophia is also a skilled scammer and knows how to scam people out of money.

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In one episode, Sophia joins a convent after her nun friend passes away. She believes that she can honor her friend’s death by replacing her as a nun. But Sofia soon teaches the other nuns to swear and gamble. She also hangs sex calendars inappropriately on her bedroom walls until she is kicked out for being a terrible influence.

5 Rochelle Rock (Everybody hates Chris)

Rochelle Rock (Everybody hates Chris)

Rochelle Rock is the matriarch of the Rock family who controls everything that happens in her home. Living in Brooklyn in the 1980s, Rochelle has had to do whatever she can to survive life in the city while raising three children.

When stopped at gunpoint in the subway, for example, Rochelle berates the thief for being bad at it and pressures him to steal everyone properly. She is also a snob who likes to look down on other people in the neighborhood, despite not having classes like everyone else.

4 Rose Nylund (The Golden Girls)

Rose Nylund (The Golden Girls)

The most famous St. Olafian in history and the most intricate storyteller, Rose is another fun member of The Golden Girls family. A complete antithesis to the other women in her house, Rose’s simplicity and cheerful and sweet nature is a refreshing contrast to the more cynical natures of Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia.

Whenever the girls have a problem, Rose is always available to bore them with a similar story that happened in St. Olaf: one that includes the names of a variety of clearly made-up Norwegian words, such as “gerflukernugen”.

3 Phoebe Buffay (Friends)

Phoebe Buffay (Friends)

Phoebe Buffay, or Princess Consuela Banana Hammock, is the funniest character in Friends, thanks to his free-spirited hippie nature. Unlike the other characters, Phoebe is not very inhibited by social limitations, so she acts in ways that would be considered “strange”. She has a few pet rats that she cares for, and is often seen yelling at other people when she is angry. She runs wild in the parks and loves to sing and play her guitar in public, even though she barely knows how to play it.

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The most disconcerting and fun thing about Phoebe is how traumatic her childhood on the streets was and how it doesn’t seem to affect her at all as an adult.

two Liz Lemon (30 rocks)

Liz Lemon (30 rocks)

Cheese enthusiast and sandwich lover, Liz Lemon is the lead writer for her show, a parody of SNL. Liz is uncomfortable and struggles with interpersonal relationships. She is a nerd, who is constantly insulted on the show for having terrible social skills and for her taste for unappealing shoes and clothes. Her boss, Jack, accurately described her on the show as:

“Third wave feminist from New York, college-educated, single and pretending to be happy about it, too much programming, no sex, you buy any magazine that says ‘healthy body image’ on the cover and every two years you knit for a week “.

1 Kelly Kapoor (The Office)

Kelly Kapoor (The Office)

Kelly Kapoor, the office-resident valley girl, only cares about three things: fashion, celebrities, and Ryan. Kelly’s dysfunctional relationship with Ryan is a source of humor throughout the series. For example, when her parents introduce her to a handsome and successful doctor, Kelly refuses to meet him and chooses Ryan instead, despite his treating her very poorly.

Kelly spends all her time in the office fighting Ryan, breaking up with Ryan, then getting back to Ryan, then fighting Ryan again, then trying to make Ryan jealous, then marrying Ryan, then divorcing Ryan, and so on until The couple eventually ran away, abandoning Ryan’s baby for his toxic love.

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