Like Clubhouse, Dispo is an invite-only smartphone app that is currently only available on iPhone, but that’s where the similarities end.

Like Clubhouse, Dispo is a type of social media iPhone application that recently attracted a lot of attention. Clubhouse launched last year on iOS as an invite-only service and still requires an invite today. However, although Dispo is also based on an invite system and comes with a social element, it is very different from Clubhouse. For starters, while Clubhouse focuses on audio conversations, Dispo is all about photography.

Developed under the radar for some time now, Dispo isn’t exactly low-key. Dispo was founded by popular vlogger and YouTuber David Dobrik, also known for founding The Vlog Squad. Backed by a YouTuber with over 18 million subscribers and millions of views per video, Dispo was attracting attention long before the app launched. In fact, the first ‘David’s Disposable’ version of the app was released over a year ago and instantly proved to be a hit with fans.

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Most recently, David’s Disposable has returned to the iOS App Store with the brand Available. Using an invite system isn’t the only similarity to Clubhouse, as both apps are currently only available for download on iPhone. Also like Clubhouse, Dispo says it is currently working on an Android version, with the expectation that it will be available for download via the Google Play Store sometime in 2021.

Dispo is the application to live in the moment

Photos app available

While Clubhouse focuses entirely on audio conversations, Dispo’s emphasis is on visuals. This isn’t just another Instagram clone though, as Dispo comes with a unique selling point in the form of a digital-age version of instant cameras. Once the app is downloaded, the user takes a photo with the phone’s camera, but then has to wait for it to ‘unfold’, which can take up to 24 hours. Essentially, users take a photo now with the understanding that it won’t be ‘ready to collect’ until 9am the next morning. At that time it is published in the user’s feed and is visible to others.

That wait is not for any reason or a trick. Instead, the app offers users a way to capture the moment and continue to experience the moment in real time without being distracted by uploading to Instagram or another social media service. Much less, check back regularly to see engagement and respond. A highlight in the full app “Dispo – Live in the Moment“name. Besides adding to the ‘disposable digital camera experience’, the display also adopts a disposable camera interface and during the ‘still in development’ process, a filter is applied to the image to complete the appearance of the camera Ultimately, Dispo’s main goal seems to be to remove the current dependency on phones that many feel and bring the act of taking photos back to what matters, photos.

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