Final Fantasy games are rarely connected to each other, but a fan-favorite character appears frequently and can bring the franchise together.

the Final Fantasy The series is not known for having constant continuity: each main entry has been a separate story with its own fantasy world and a cast of colorful characters. While there have been sequels and derivations of individual entries, such as Final Fantasy X-2 or Lightning returnsThere has never been any kind of concrete connection between any of the games beyond sharing a few magic spells, summons, and monsters.

In Final FantasyEven characters who share the same name (like Cid) are wildly different from each other. However, there is one character who has remained relatively consistent in appearance and personality, having appeared in various games in the series as an enemy and ally: Gilgamesh.

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Usually Gilgamesh is a wandering sword collector constantly searching for the holy sword Excalibur, but often ends up with its very inferior duplicate, Excalipoor. He is a very boisterous and comical man, who loudly boasts of his strength in a dramatic way. However, he also often falls awkwardly in love with himself, tells terrible jokes, and is easy to fool considering how often he mistakes Excalipoor for Excalibur. Still, players shouldn’t let his seeming ineptitude fool them: Gilgamesh is at least nearly as strong as he claims to be, wielding an arsenal of collected swords at his disposal and capable of powerful jumping attacks.

Since he debuted as boss in Final fantasy v, Gilgamesh has appeared in many Final Fantasy Titles, sometimes as a boss, sometimes as an ally, and sometimes as a summons. But initially, he wasn’t entirely sure if all the versions of Gilgamesh that appear are in fact the same person, as some games (including his debut) seem to permanently kill him for one game.

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the Dissidia The games, however, strongly imply that the Gilgamesh of other games and the original Gilgamesh of Final fantasy v they are one and the same. This Gilgamesh possesses both abilities that he has shown in later games, as well as a burning desire to fight. FFV the protagonist Bartz Klauser, his original rival. With the Dissidia games that reveal that it is possible for characters to cross universes, Gilgamesh may be the only character that ties all the games together.

Although apparently not in canon, the spin-off chibi-fied Final Fantasy World reveals in a character profile that Gilgamesh does indeed have the ability to cross dimensions. He is said to have “a very special soul” that is imprinted with Bartz’s memories of his original self. This means that even if his body dies in a game, his obsession with Excalibur and Bartz will allow his soul to rematerialize between dimensions, though how he does so is still unknown.

Gilgamesh seems to grow in strength with every game he appears in, whether he appears as a boss, a summon, or both. While his appearance changes quite frequently, he continues to maintain a gray complexion and wears thick capes and red / orange armor, he often possesses multiple arms to wield his many, many swords. Regardless of his role in a game (or whether or not Excalibur is involved), Gilgamesh continues to maintain the hammy attitude that made him a fan-favorite character.

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