Flora & Ulysses author Kate DiCamillo recently explained the non-traditional influence that comics had on her novel and its subsequent film adaptation.

Flora and Ulysses Author Kate DiCamillo broke down the comic book influences from the Disney + movie and explained that she is not “a traditional comic book fan.”

“I’m a comic book fan, but not a traditional comic book fan,” DiCamillo said. “I-I-I-I-you know, I-I’ve been answering this question since the book came out and I always feel a little bummed. What I grew up with and what I love is, uh, Charlie brown yy Misery, and I, and I still read a Misery cartoons every morning and it’s like it has shaped my entire childhood and still shapes my sensibilities. “

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“… when I was writing the book and, and Flora loved, uh, comic book superheroes, uh, I-when I turned it in, I didn’t have any superheroes. And my editor said, ‘Oh, you’re going to have to make up a superhero. ‘And I … and I thought,’ I can’t do that. ‘But then, you know, I did, um, and that’s Incandesto, and it was a lot of fun, “DiCamillo said. “So, I started doing, I went back and prepared, you know, reading superhero comics and stuff, kind of backwards.”

Flora and Ulysses recently began streaming on Disney +. The film, which begins with a montage of various Marvel characters, including panels from the Iron Man and Captain Marvel comics, follows the story of a young woman named Flora, a fan of superheroes and comics, who is joined by a super-powerful squirrel. called Ulysses.

Starring Matilda Lawler, Alyson Hannigan, Ben Schwartz, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Danny Pudi, Anna Deavere Smith, and Kate Micucci, Flora and Ulysses is now available on Disney +.

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