Flora & Ulysses director Lena Khan recently spoke about how various voice actors behind the DuckTales reboot came to star in the film.

The new Disney movie + Flora and Ulysses presents various accolades to the world of superheroes and comics. However, the film also features a miniature Duck tales meeting with stars Ben Schwartz, Danny Pudi and Bobby Moynihan.

Director Lena Khan talked about how the reunion came about and the various thanks to the 2017 series. “You know, after we had the first couple, then yeah. So we thought, ‘Yeah, let’s go with that. Let’s bring them. they are fantastic on that show. And then we enjoyed it, “Khan said.

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“We, like, we threw, like, Bobby [Moynihan]is reading the Duck tales comic at the beginning. You’ll see some ducks with, like, the different colors of their necklaces matching the characters in Danny’s office, “Khan continued.” So yeah, after a while, we figured out that the best gold mine on all of television Duck tales and we must bring everyone from there to the movie. “

In Flora and Ulysses, Schwartz plays the father of 10-year-old Flora Buckman, while Pudi plays Miller, a former ranger determined to catch the super powerful squirrel, Ulysses. Moynihan plays a comic book store clerk Stanlee, whose name is a nod to the late Stan Lee. Kate Micucci, who voices Webby Vanderquack in Duck tales, also appears in the movie. In Duck tales, Schwartz voices Dewey Duck, while Pudi voices Huey and Moynihan voices Louie. Duck tales is scheduled to air its 90-minute season finale on March 15.

Starring Matilda Lawler, Alyson Hannigan, Ben Schwartz, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Danny Pudi, Anna Deavere Smith, and Kate Micucci, Flora and Ulysses is now available on Disney +.

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