There were many iconic characters to come out of FriendsTen seasons, from the main six to the recurring supporting characters, but without a doubt one of the fan favorites was Chandler Bing. Chandler experiences possibly the most growth on the show and has a special connection to just about everyone in the group. Overall, he’s a great character for most of the show.

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He’s not perfect though, and he makes a good handful of mistakes throughout the show, particularly in the early seasons when he was a sarcastic, immature, and insecure prankster. However, the good in Chandler outweighs the bad, as even though he does terrible things, he does a lot of great things for the friends he adores.

10 Horrible: when he slept during the premiere of Joey’s movie

The big breaks were few and far between for Joey in Friends, landing some big roles in the show’s 10 years. However, he did shoot a couple of movies, and the biggest one came in the form of a WWI epic, the premiere to which he invited Chandler.

Unfortunately, during the middle of the movie, Chandler falls asleep, only to wake up to cheers from the crowd. It’s not hard to stay awake to see a movie, especially at a fancy red carpet premiere of your best friend’s movie, so Joey was rightly mad.

9 Good: when he made drinks

When the time came for Chandler to move out of his and Joey’s apartment and move in with Monica, it was the end of an era and it was quite emotional for fans and characters alike.

Chandler wanted to ensure that Joey would be financially well off living independently without Chandler for the first time since their short stay in another apartment. Joey’s refusal to accept money led Chandler to invent a gambling game known as “cups” so that Joey could earn money to pay his bills for a time. In typical Joey fashion, he lost all the money he made from Ross, but it was a great friendship move on Chandler’s part.

8 Horrible: when he and Joey lost Ben

Continuing with a Joey and Chandler moment, this entire episode is hilarious, and Chandler and Joey are to be blamed equally for losing a son because they were too distracted picking up women.

Although Chandler should be the more responsible of the two, the fact that he lost Ross’s son on a bus is insane. They were very lucky that they not only sent Ben to safety, but they brought the right baby to Ross.

7 Good: when it comforted and reassured Monica

While Ross and Rachel are the most iconic couple on the show, there is no question that Chandler and Monica are the least toxic and most stable relationship in the series, and the fact that it started from a friendship makes it even better.

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There are a couple of times that Chandler comforts Monica, for example when they hug and Chandler comments on the fabric of her towel. There’s Chandler’s guarantee that Monica will find someone, and then, of course, there’s the London incident. Obviously the two became more than friends that night, but Chandler was still comforting Monica as a friend before that, on a night when she was upset.

6 Horrible: when he faked Ross’s death

In one of the show’s craziest stories, Ross and Chandler use an alumni chat site to play pranks on each other, and Chandler crosses the line by announcing Ross’s death.

This resulted in Ross, rather horribly, holding a memorial for him, with Chandler and Monica agreeing to accept it for some reason. It was definitely one of the weirdest jokes on the show, and quite cruel on Chandler’s part, considering even Ross’s parents cared.

5 Well: when he comforted Rachel

Rachel and Chandler on Friends

Chandler’s childhood traumas are well documented and stem primarily from his parents’ divorce. During the show’s time, Rachel herself experiences the same thing, with Chandler being the only one who knows how she feels.

Rachel opens up to Chandler about it and Chandler comforts her. The two may have an underrated friendship when it comes to the couples on the show, and when Chandler comforts Rachel, he highlights that.

4 Horrible: when he joked with Joey’s sister

One of the worst things Chandler does throughout the series is when he plays with one of Joey’s sisters when he is extremely drunk, something that is made worse by how Chandler follows him.

Not only does he forget which of the sisters he’s playing with, but Chandler also acts like there’s something else in there, instead of admitting it was a drunken mistake. This eventually results in him being hit by another of Joey’s sisters and he eventually turns into water under the bridge, which was to be expected.

3 Good: when he accommodates Joey when he moves

The show’s emotional ending is based on Chandler and Monica moving out of the iconic apartment to a new home, something Joey takes pretty hard as he doesn’t want to accept it for long.

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The turning point is when Joey comes to visit the house with Chandler and Monica. Despite his attempts to put them off, he clearly changes his mind when Chandler and Monica tell him that they have a “Joey’s room”, something that Chandler definitely convinced Monica to do.

two Horrible: when he kisses Kathy

Many of Chandler’s friendship moments, good or bad, have to do with Joey. The two of them touch each other over the years, and Chandler specifically does some not-so-nice things to Joey, from those already mentioned to incidents like the friendship bracelet.

Without a doubt, though, the only time their friendship really seemed to be in jeopardy was when Chandler kissed Kathy. Chandler had great feelings for Kathy and if he had told Joey the whole thing could have been avoided. Of course, Kathy also ended up cheating on Chandler, proving to be the worst as well.

1 Good: everything he does for Joey’s career

Chandler and Joey hug

Joey and Chandler have (arguably) the best friendship on the show, being the most iconic and consistently likable duo in all 10 seasons, and while they do have their bad times, what they would do for each other is heartwarming.

This is exemplified by Chandler’s support of Joey’s career. It was mentioned earlier when talking about Joey’s movie premiere, but the reason Joey took Chandler was because of his support. Chandler paid for the headshots, went to Joey’s shows, read his lines to him, helped him with auditions, and generally had immense patience and happiness when it came to Joey’s career.

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