The franchise’s connections to Norse legends may create a new antagonist for Frozen 3, as Anna and Elsa’s own uncle comes to claim the throne.

Frozen Connections to Norse mythology could be the key to setting up a new villain for Frozen 3. The first two movies in the series saw Elsa grappling with her mysterious ice powers and finally discovering her place in the world. Any follow-up movie would need a clear external antagonist for Queen Anna and the forest spirit Elsa to go up against, and while a third installment in the massively popular franchise has yet to be confirmed, it’s likely a matter of time before. . Disney returns to Arendelle from Frozen Y Frozen II they are the highest grossing animated films of all time.

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There are already theories and rumors about possible plots and villains for the next outing, such as the return of Prince Hans. Elsa and Anna have no shortage of potential antagonists to contend with, but Frozen You may have already craftily set up the reveal of a new villain. The source material for the film, Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen,” is based on Norse mythology, weaving pieces of old legends into stories. Between Frozen The Norse connections are the names of Anna and Elsa’s parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, and the legends they draw from may be a clue to a future plot.

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There is a royal Norse legend about a prince named Agnar that bears similarities to the fate of King Agnarr in the original. Frozen. The next film could use this legend to expand on the still little-known backstory of the Arendelle royal family. Although their parents died when Anna and Elsa were young, their family history could still come back to haunt them in a potential Frozen 3.

Norse mythology connection of King Agnarr

Frozen King and Queen

In the legend “The Ballad of Grimnir”, Agnar and his younger brother Geirrod were the heirs to the throne of King Hraudung. When they were children, they were both swept out to sea and later rescued by a peasant couple, but Geirrod turned on his brother. One day when they were sailing together, Geirrod jumped out and sent Agnar out to sea in the boat, intending to declare him lost. However, when he returned home alone, his father had already died. Geirrod had told everyone that his older brother drowned months before his return, so Geirrod was declared king. Years later, Geirrod was struck down by Odin’s wrath and his most compassionate son, also named Agnar by his brother, took the throne.

Although it was not FrozenIn the original plan, the franchise has come to revolve around the love and struggle of sibling relationships. The second film revealed more about Agnarr’s cruel father, who betrayed Northuldra, but little else has been confirmed so far about the royal family. King Agnarr could have had a brother, Elsa and Anna’s uncle, and Frozen 3 You can see his return and a dark twist on the family’s past based on this myth.

The king’s brother could challenge the sisters for the throne

Anna Frozen 2 Coronation Queen Arendelle

If King Agnarr has a brother, he could go back in history to challenge the newly crowned Queen Anna. With Agnarr’s daughters removed from the line of succession, his brother would be next in line to rule Arendelle. Although Anna is the natural choice to lead in Arendelle, her actions in Frozen II it almost led to the destruction of his home and this could be twisted and used against him. With Elsa living in the forest as the Fifth Spirit, Agnarr’s brother would only have to set Arendelle against Anna to take over. Frozen II It focused primarily on Queen Iduna’s family among the Northuldra, and this reveal would allow fans of the franchise to learn about King Agnarr’s backstory in much the same way.

The return of Agnarr’s brother would reveal dark secrets

Icy Shipwreck of Iduna and Agnarr

Yes Frozen 3 used “The Lay of Grimnir” as source material, Agnarr’s brother may also harbor a dark secret. In legend, Geirrod was responsible for Agnar getting lost at sea. Since King Agnarr died in a shipwreck, his brother could have played a role in it, either intentionally or accidentally. He may have even sabotaged the ship to make sure his brother never returned from his journey to find Ahtohallan for Elsa.

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This intrigue would make Agnarr’s brother similar to Hans, but with the potential to explore a ruined brotherly relationship. Agnarr’s relationship with her brother would reflect Elsa and Anna’s sisterhood in a dark mirror, showing how ties between siblings can fray and fall apart. Especially since Agnarr and Anna’s brother are the younger siblings of a powerful ruler, the story is set for Anna to have an antagonist focused on her. She was not ready for Hans, but she would be ready and perhaps have some understanding with Agnarr’s brother.

King Agnarr may have a bigger role

Based on this legend also gives Frozen the opportunity to expand the role of King Agnarr in surprising ways. The inclusion of his brother would naturally lead to more background on the royal family and the relationship between the two brothers over time. Even if their relationship doesn’t culminate with Agnarr’s brother’s involvement in his death and the shipwreck comes from a more natural source like elemental spirits, the story would still need to establish how Anna’s uncle dealt with his nieces. Agnarr’s brother may even have a good reason for his turn, adding moral complexity to the story.

However, the legend also opens another opportunity: the survival of King Agnarr. In his conversations about princes in “The Lay of Grimnir”, Odin mentions that Agnar survived and has been living in a cave with a giantess. It may seem unlikely, but in a land where elemental spirits, trolls, and kelpies have control over nature, Agnarr might have been spared to deal with his brother’s nefarious plans in the future. Norse mythology provides several paths that Anna and Elsa’s uncle could play out in another dramatic story in the royal succession of Arendelle if a potential Frozen 3 choose to follow this path with the following story.

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