DC Future state featured a host of new superheroes, including the new Wonder Woman, Yara Flor. The Escapee Hero was an automatic hit with many fans, but he’s also quite a different person from the Themysciran Amazon Diana Prince.

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One of the best parts of Future state is that the timeline spans many years, so Yara can be seen at different times throughout her career and while interacting with different heroes. But considering how many titles are in Future state, it can be easy to overlook some important aspects of your character.

10 Yara descends from a group of Amazons in the real Amazon rainforest, this is a central part of her identity that simultaneously sets her apart and connects her to Diana Prince’s legacy as Wonder Woman.

DC Future State Wonder Woman Yara Flor

Just as the Amazon warriors of Themyscira preserve Greek culture, and the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall settled in Egypt, there were other colonies of these warrior women from the ancient past that spread throughout the world. Long ago there was contact between the Greek pantheons and the gods worshiped by the Guaraní people of the Amazon in what are now the countries of Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia and (of course) Brazil.

The comic connects the religious myths and deities of the Guarani with those of another indigenous people in Brazil, the Tupi. Yara has ties to the Tupi-Guarani pantheon (including the sun god Kuat, worshiped by the Kamayura people). He also cares deeply about Brazilian politics, the fight against corruption and the destruction of the rainforest.

9 She is impulsive: Sometimes it is a sign of her courage, rushing into disaster without a second thought to do what she thinks is the right thing to do.

Wonder Woman Yara FLor

Diana Prince is stoic but never distant, committed to helping others and displaying deep reserves of compassion while remaining grounded. Yara Flor is not Diana Prince and does not share this disposition.

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When it comes down to it, Yara is cheeky. Sometimes this manifests as youthful, almost capricious recklessness. Other times, it’s a sign of her courage, rushing into disaster without a second thought to do what she thinks is the right thing to do. But she’s not down-to-earth or as stoic as her predecessor.

8 In addition to impulsive actions, Yara is excellent at shooting her mouth

Generally, superheroes tend to be serious or pranksters, and she is largely the latter, a trait that makes her even more interesting. In a bleak future, you can behold both supernatural and political horrors while maintaining a sense of lightness.

This is not to say that you don’t take things seriously. She has clear priorities and is genuinely committed to heroic actions to help others. However, her responses to extreme situations can be quite surprising, as she often responds when threatened with lighthearted antics. When Cerberus attacked her, she grabbed a bone to play fetch. Similarly, when the deities of the underworld discussed how to torture her, she would distract them with a silly sleight-of-hand trick that was usually aimed at fooling young children.

7 Yara fought alongside the Amazons of Themyscira and approached one of them.

Wonder Woman 2017 Amazon Themyscira

The exact nature of the relationship between the Greek and Amazonian Amazons is never fully developed in either of the Future state stories. However, Yara fought alongside the Amazons of Themyscira and approached one of them: Potira.

During the Future state: Wonder Woman comic, the connections between Yara and other groups of Amazons are shown in flashbacks and some of the first connections between the Greek god Zeus and the Tupi-Guarani god Tupa.

6 Yara has a magic steed

Like many heroes of yesteryear, Yara has a magical steed that appears to have come from the distant past, a magnificent Pegasus with white wings and a white coat, her mane and tail of silver and black mane. His name is Jerry.

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The relationship between Yara and Jerry is strained at best, although it is perhaps more accurate to say that Jerry is much more independent-minded than Yara would like. A normal horse can be obedient. Apparently his magical flying horse doesn’t like to be ordered around like a common beast of burden.

5 Yara was quite reluctant to join the Justice League.

Flash of the future state of Justice League

While she is one of the key members of the Justice League at the time Future State: Justice League takes off, Yara was quite reluctant to join the team, as she made quite clear during the events of the comic Future State: Superman / Wonder Woman.

In fact, when Superman tries to encourage her to join the Justice League, she scolds him, saying that the heroes are too busy protecting the status quo and that joining the team would indicate that she was tied down and unwilling to use what was necessary. strength to achieve your goals. Of course, he eventually joins them in the end.

4 As the two become allies, their worldview and Superman’s are quite different.

Future State Superman Wonder Woman role

The Superman of Future state is Jonathan Kent, son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. When he finds her, he helps her stop a forest fire, discards magic and gods with scientific definitions. Later, she meets him at a restaurant and scolds him.

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Essentially, the scientific approach to Superman’s life is grounded in Western nature, assuming that the default standard definitions of his cultural understanding must apply to other cultures and religions. She says the same thing out loud. While the two become allies, their view of the world and his are quite different.

3 She is VERY political, making it clear that stopping excessive agriculture, devastation of the rainforest, and concentration of wealth are her highest goals.

Future state: Superman Wonder Woman.  Yara Brazil

As the new Wonder Woman, Yara doesn’t care about supervillains. It is not concerned with street criminals or the preservation of the status quo. She is a political revolutionary who sees the flaws in the system and how the rich exploit modern attempts at unionism, and she does not accept any of that.

The core of its mission is deeply political. She mistreats a politician while scolding him for embezzlement of funds intended to help the poor. It also makes it clear that stopping excessive agriculture, the devastation of the rainforest and the concentration of wealth are its highest goals, even while fighting corruption. And she has no use for nonviolence. In other words, Yara is a political revolutionary.

two After a good friend is killed, Yara travels to the underworld to rescue her friend’s soul.

Future State Wonder Woman Underworld

This is a fun and tragic journey. For one thing, Yara waits in lines similar to contemporary airport security, proving that airports really are hell. On the other hand, this is a serious test and one of the classic elements of the search for a hero.

Heracles, Orpheus, and Odysseus undertook similar journeys, as did Diana Prince. By going to the underworld, Yara has established her role as a classic heroine for modern times.

1 His relationship with the gods: he is close to the sun god Kuat and the moon god Iae, twin brothers in the Tupi-Guaraní pantheon

Yara has her Christian name with the gods that were worshiped by the peoples of Brazil. In particular, it is close to the sun god Kuat and the moon god Iae, twin brothers of the Tupi-Guaraní pantheon. While Iae seems to be the one with whom she gets along the best, she is comfortable passing through the present corporeal home of the gods on Earth without warning. When traveling through the underworld, he meets the Greek gods Hades and Thanatos, neither of whom likes him, but both show mercy.

One thing Yara also insists on is that these gods be respected as real gods and not dismissed as a more misleading sci-fi convention within the DC Universe. These gods were venerated by the Tupi and Guaraní peoples. You are not willing to allow them to be disrespected, even if you speak to them personally with more familiarity than reverence.

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