While Hell’s Kitchen is incredibly tough on the chefs competing for Gordon Ramsay, they are at least compensated for their efforts.

Fox’s Long-Running Cooking Competition Series Hell’s kitchen it’s back in its nineteenth season, and it’s as good as ever. This season, chefs are dueling HK kitchens in Las Vegas, and the top prize is $ 250k and a position as executive chef at Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Lake Tahoe. The contestants are top-notch too. There is some real talent ready to learn from Gordon Ramsay, the celebrity chef who clearly has a Midas touch when it comes to hosting hit TV shows.

Each season, contestants leave family, friends, and jobs behind for a chance to win. Hell’s kitchen. Once in the competition, things are not a walk in the park. Every week, fans see the brutal and fast-paced atmosphere of the kitchen. Ramsay’s high expectations and cutting insults only add to the already stressful situation. But the show is even more stressful than what is shown. Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant Group, US division corporate executive chef and Red Team sous chef Christina Wilson said of her time as a contestant in season 10 “The worst, for me, was that there is no release. I know that’s the point and they want it to be this kind of pressure cooker that keeps building up, steam, steam, steam until finally someone is going to explode.“According to Christina, contestants are not allowed time alone, not even to spend some free time writing a journal.

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All the stress and hardships, however, certainly seem to be worth it. Contestants in Hell’s kitchen they are compensated with a weekly salary. Although the exact number is not known, it is reported to range from $ 750 to $ 1000 per week. Although most programs (such as the Single franchise) pay their contestants absolutely nothing, the basic compensation for reality show contestants is $ 750 per week. Older brother, for example, he pays his guests $ 750 per week, which includes contestants who are eliminated from the house and technically out of the show, but must remain confined as part of the jury. This is why reaching the jury is such a huge threshold for BB players. Shows that require contestants to perform specific talents, such as cooking in Hell’s kitchen, for example, they tend to pay more.

Fox can certainly afford to pay its contestants. According to ForbesGordon Ramsay’s shows accumulate more than 75 hours of content and more than $ 150 million in ad sales for Fox each year. His celebrity attraction is clearly a source of income for the network.

But don’t worry, Ramsay, who has 35 restaurants around the world, makes a lot of money for himself. In 2020, he made $ 70 million. His net worth is currently estimated at $ 220 million, and the famous British chef has three homes in London, Los Angeles and Cornwall. Ramsay is the king of Hell’s kitchenbut thankfully he seems to be a benevolent leader, at least when it comes to making up for his contestants.

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Hell’s kitchen airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox

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