Bad writing and too many companions are just a few of the many problems with Doctor Who during Jodie Whittaker’s imperfect tenure in the TARDIS.

Jodie Whittaker was an inspired choice to take on the lead role in Doctor whobut inconsistent writing and an overcrowded TARDIS have kept his version of the disappointingly earthy Time Lord. The show, a science fiction institution that has been around in some form for seven decades and counting, is experiencing something of a dip in popularity. It’s a real shame because Whittaker is magnificent on paper, fusing the Doctor’s strange energy with a good-hearted team player that has resulted in the warmest and most welcoming Doctor of the modern age.

Whittaker aside, the current version of the series is undoubtedly riddled with problems. Doctor who has struggled to find an identity for herself since Steven Moffat stepped down as a writer in 2017. The Moffat era was not without its critics: The transitional seasons between Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi were tough, but the series always knew it. what he was trying to do, tell the fantastic tales about a madman with a magic box. The fad of the fairy tale turned off some viewers, but it was certainly a winning formula.

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Doctor who She has endured several creative breaks throughout her decades of existence, although this is possibly the first serious lapse in quality since she was revived in 2005. Leaving all of that at Whittaker’s feet is completely unfair as she is clearly the best. of the show these days. The fault lies in two different problems; one easily solvable, the other not so much.

Too many companions

Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who with Team TARDIS and Dalek

Jodie Whittaker’s doctor was immediately loaded with three full-time companions; Graham O’Brien (Bradley Walsh), Yaz Khan (Mandip Gill) and Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole). There is nothing particularly wrong with any of these characters, but none of them stand out as particularly memorable. They offer nothing new when it comes to companions, they often feel like the greatest hits of the best characters. Even if they were on the same level as Donna Noble or Rose Tyler, having three companions essentially means that there is little to no time for any of them to become fully formed characters.

Modern Doctor who It’s usually such a maniacally paced endeavor that character development happens on the fly, and for that to work, there needs to be a solid foundation for partners, which the current three simply never had. Graham and Ryan will leave the show before season 13, although a new partner, Dan (John Bishop), will take their place. Two companions have rarely proven to be a good idea, but it is certainly better than three.

Bad writing

Doctor Who Timeless Child Doctor Master

When Moffat left Doctor who In 2017, he was replaced by Chris Chibnall as executive producer and lead writer. Chibnall first rose to fame in the UK due to his hit thriller series. Wide church – a series that featured Whittaker and former Dr. David Tennant. Said that Wide church it was a dark and gloomy show that shared a little tonal or thematic DNA with Doctor who. Chibnall is a life Who fan: had written for both the main series and the spin-off Torchwood before becoming the lead writer, but that passion hasn’t matched strong storytelling.

Chibnall’s first season felt listless; It avoided most of the classic villains and tropes to freshen up the series, but the resulting season seemed like it lacked direction or purpose. Chibnall also loaded the TARDIS with new characters without bothering to give the public a reason to support them beyond the fact that they are friends with the Doctor. As boring as its first season might be, the second series showed signs of life before completely falling off the rails. The plot of “The Timeless Child” is a failure and threatens to change too much Doctor who story at the service of a lousy arc of the “chosen one” for the Doctor who betrays what the character is supposed to be.

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How to fix Doctor Who

Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker

There have been rumors that Whittaker might be leaving. Doctor who after its upcoming third season. That would be a shame, as she deserves a long and successful career that has not yet been prepared for her. In many ways, it echoes the fate of Peter Davison’s Doctor; Cast after the monstrously popular Tom Baker left after a seven-year career, Davison’s earnest and earnest Doctor was paralyzed by wildly inconsistent writing and a flood of disappointing companions.

It is too late to save the Davison era, but there is still hope for the Whittaker era. The easiest, though most unlikely, way to fix the show would be to hire a new lead writer. Chibnall has simply never been a great Doctor who writer and has shown little sign of improvement as a science fiction storyteller in his first two seasons. The reality is that Chibnall is probably not going anywhere, as he remains an important and sought-after creator that the BBC wishes to keep happy. Barring some sort of audience collapse, Chibnall is likely to stick around for the long haul.

That means the program is likely to improve only in incremental pieces for the foreseeable future, but there are still ways to turn it into a tangibly better experience. On the one hand, the series should refocus its attention on the Doctor herself, and less on her colleagues. There have been times when the show has chosen to highlight the partner over the main character, but it takes interesting and dynamic partners to make that work, and there are currently none that fit that requirement.

The show must also re-adopt its sense of humor and frenetic pace. Too often Chibnall’s Who it feels like a frigid pace, and can be taken too seriously. The golden age of Doctor who It seems like a long way off these days, but that’s by no means Jodie Whittaker’s fault. She alone is making the show viewable at this point and deserves a little help in making the show great again before she leaves the TARDIS for the next artist. Whether or not that can happen under Chris Chibnall remains to be seen, but the show must attempt something drastic before the next regime inevitably takes over.

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