The Nintendo Switch release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is a great opportunity for developers to fix Fi’s many annoying outages.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is Nintendo’s opportunity to improve the deficiencies of one of its most divisive 3D Zelda games. The new HD version will include a single button control scheme option, which is great for the many gamers who did not like the motion controls of the original. However, one of the other most common complaints from fans was how intrusive fellow character Fi could be during gameplay. Nintendo has yet to mention plans to make Fi less obtrusive in Sword to Heaven HD, but doing so is essential for the reissue.

Prior to Breath of the wild, plus Zelda The games gave Link an associate character to travel alongside him during his quest. While some of these characters, like twilight princess‘Midna, quickly became a fan favorite, Sword to the sky Fi is one of the most controversial of the bunch. Created by the Goddess Hylia, Fi resides within the Sword Goddess. His main objective is to help Link in his quest to protect the earth, the Triforce and the Goddess herself.

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ZeldaThe partner characters have always been a mixed bag, but they have never been as obnoxious as Fi. Navi was once the target of countless memes for how annoying she could be, always yelling at the player to listen to her advice, but Fi does the same much more frequently. Fi reminds players when their controller batteries are running low or low on health, and sometimes even gives away a puzzle solution. This, coupled with her robotic personality, ended up making many fans find her more annoying than even. Ocarina of timeinfamous fairy.

How Zelda: Skyward Sword HD On Switch Can Fix Fi Interruptions

Skyward Sword HD should have less annoying Fi

She is an integral part of the game’s story, so Fi cannot be eliminated without drastically changing the game. Instead, Nintendo should make Fi work similar to codec calls from Metal Gear Solid. These also interrupt players with abrupt dialogue and NPC hints, but allow people who were really stuck the option of asking where they should do next. MGS Codec calls are particularly beneficial for uncovering the weaknesses of various boss encounters, which would translate well to Sword to Heaven HDboss battles.

Sword to the sky allows players to ask Fi for help, but needs to be updated so that most interruptions are optional in the same way. This way, players who want help can get it, and those who want to discover the answers for themselves can easily ignore Fi. Random Fi intrusions related to the already obvious indicators of low health and battery life, on the other hand, can be ruled out entirely, as they accomplish little more than insulting the gamer’s intelligence.

In the original Sword to the sky, Fi is just a nuisance. But making it less annoying should be one of the easiest solutions Nintendo has to implement to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD ahead of its release on Switch later this year.

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