Jay Garrick was featured in The Flash and presumably died in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” but Stargirl might be rewriting her past forever.

Star Girl season 2 could be rebooting Jay Garrick The flash history and that’s a big problem. The series, which was original to the DC Universe before airing exclusively on The CW, was not officially part of the Arrowverse. However, the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover effectively rebooted the multiverse, reversing course and merging. Black Lightning Y Super Girls worlds separated with The flash, Batwoman, Y Arrow to create Earth-Prime. John Wesley Shipp’s Flash of Earth-3 (aka Jay Garrick) presumably died when the multiverse was wiped out of existence by the Anti-Monitor, but it has been announced that the actor will reprise his role in season 2 of Star Girl.

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Garrick’s iteration of Shipp was first introduced in season 2 of the Sprinter show. Hunter Zolomon had kidnapped him from his home on Earth-3 and imprisoned him on Earth-2, stealing his civilian and superhero identity for himself. After being rescued by Barry Allen, Jay returned to Earth-3 as the speedster of that world. In The flash Season 4, Jay retired from being a sprinter, training a mystery woman in his stead before settling down with Joan Williams. Taking into account that Star Girl is set in a reworked version of Earth-2 (a world currently unknown to Earth-Prime and vice versa), Jay Garrick’s backstory could receive a major rewrite that could prevent it from appearing in The flash at any time in the future.

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Jay Garrick is set to appear as The Flash in Star Girl ninth episode of season 2, which is scheduled to be a flashback episode of the Justice Society of America, an all-star superhero team whose members are presumed dead after an attack by the villainous Injustice Society of America. Pat Dugan, a former partner of Starman, says he saw everyone die, including The Flash. While it’s unclear whether this flashback will detail the JSA’s origin story or show what happened during that fateful night, it’s possible that the superhero series confirms that Earth-3’s Jay is now Earth-2’s speedster, and the series goes back to its comic book origins as a member of JSA.

Jay Garrick The Flash

All said, Jay’s The flash history will be effectively erased. A flashback episode implies that he is dead in Stargirl’s Currently. Yes, it could be revealed that he is still alive, similar to how the season 1 finale confirmed that Starman had somehow survived the ISA attack. Even if Jay’s Flash is still alive, his life is probably very different from before “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. It is possible that his rebooted story means that he will never meet Barry, that he will never work with or marry Joan, and that he will never train the speedy swift alluded to in The flash season 4. You may not even remember your previous life from Earth-3 and it’s sad to think about that, especially since The flash he did a good job of incorporating him into the story and developing him as a character.

While Star Girl I was in talks to cross with The flash at one point, it was reported that plans for the story were abandoned. Now that the superhero series is moving to include Jay Garrick, it can be argued that a crossover is on the table again. However, this move could prevent Jay’s return to The flash in the future, either because he is gone or because he is unaware of the existence of Earth-Prime. After all, it’s doubtful the reveal will come into play anytime soon. In any case, the arrival of Jay Garrick the Star Girl will officially connect the show to the Arrowverse, even if it is likely to change the character’s previously established story forever.

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