Stranger Things Season 4 needs to fix Max’s character trajectory and imbue her arc with greater meaning, as she deals with the death of her brother.

With Strange things Season 4, the series can fix the character arc Max, who was initially introduced as a promising three-dimensional female character within the show’s narrative. Part sci-fi horror and part nostalgia trip, Strange things It has become a pop culture phenomenon in its own right, due to its well-woven plots and endearing and identifiable characters. Nevertheless, Strange things Seasons 2 and 3 had their fair share of tonal / character inconsistencies and plot inventions, especially with the way Max has been treated.

Max, or Maxine, was featured on the show’s season 2 premiere, “MADMAX,” as a proficient arcade player who beat Dustin’s highest score in Dig dug per 100,000 points. Initially distant and skeptical of those around her, Max gradually grows closer to the group, and launches directly into action once he becomes aware of the paranormal events in the town of Hawkins. Max has also been immensely loyal to his friends thus far, helping them burn down the center of the underground tunnel system in Season 2 and battling the Mind Flayer with the group in Season 3. It is important to note that much of the depth Max’s comes from her. interests, be it an affinity for horror movies, skateboarding or Dungeons and Dragons, along with her unwavering loyalty to those around her.

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Despite being established as an immensely brave and tenacious character without regard for conventional gender stereotypes and social norms per se, Max was soon relegated to being a plot device that caused a rift between the group as a whole. For most of season 2, Eleven and Mike are hostile towards her attempts to befriend the group, while Dustin and Lucas fight over her, as both boys end up developing feelings for her. While romantic crushes are an integral part of adolescence, and friendship breakups function as a compelling source of conflict, much of Season 2 treats Max as a plot driver rather than further developing his character. Strange things Season 3 attempts to rectify this, to some extent, by forging a close bond between Max and Eleven, allowing audiences to glimpse a fun and meaningful female friendship that can flourish without the manufactured drama.

Stranger Things Max Mayfield

However, despite these factors, Max’s story has been treated as secondary to the show’s main characters, as has the failed treatment of Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byer’s relationship in season 3. Now that Max is dealing with the emotional trauma of losing her stepbrother, Porra, Stranger things season 4 has a chance to invest your character in greater depth and meaning. Max’s relationship with Billy had always been strained, mainly due to the fact that Billy controlled and abused her, further complicating his feelings about his ultimate sacrifice to defeat the Mind Flayer. It is also important to note that Billy apologizes to his sister for his behavior, after which, he dies in her arms. This, combined with the fact that her closest friend, Eleven, moves out of Hawkins at the end of season 3, possibly contributes to her mounting pain and trauma in season 4.

it’s possible Strange things Season 4 will dive deep into Max’s psyche and the way a misplaced sense of guilt could manifest itself due to Billy’s death. This can potentially be exacerbated by the fact that the Upside Down still has a larger role to play in terms of character stories, especially Hopper’s, leading Max to exercise greater agency within the realm of the show’s events. . While the exact nature of his arc can only be answered in the upcoming season, it will be interesting to witness Max grow into an independent presence in his own right, without getting bogged down by the fates of the headline characters and plot clichés.

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