Buu was one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Z, but that was a while ago. This is how his power compares to the Z-Warriors in Dragon Ball Super.

Majin Buu was once one of From Dragon Ball Z stronger characters, so why isn’t it shown that way in Dragon ball super? There was a time in the anime when he was considered the greatest threat to the Z-Warriors. Vegeta, even with an evil upgrade from Babidi, was unable to kill him, and Goku himself only had a slight advantage over him after becoming Super Saiyan 3.

By absorbing others, the evil Buu was able to defeat powerful characters like Gotenks and Ultimate Gohan. Following his transformation into Kid Buu and his death at the hands of Spirit Bomb, Buu’s good side remained in the anime. Although not as powerful as the evil Super Buu, the character continued to be seen as a force to be reckoned with. He was counted as an ally, albeit unreliable, in Dragon Ball Super. He briefly fought Beerus in the Battle of the Gods Saga, defeated Basil from Universe 9 at the Zeno Expo, and was added to Goku’s team for the Tournament of Power. Unfortunately, however, Buu’s unexpected nap caused him to lose his spot on the list.

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Buu may have been lost From Dragon Ball Super bigger battle, but enough of him was seen on the show to provide a good indication of his current power level in the anime. Before the tournament, Goku confirmed that Buu (who received a new slim look) has grown stronger since Dragon Ball Z finished. However, their combat shows that the best thing to do right now is to fight on par with Goku in his basic form. So although he has increased in power, the gap between him and the top two Z Warriors has widened dramatically. With their new Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue transformations, Goku and Vegeta have left him far behind. Ultimate Gohan has easily done the same as he now has the ability to push Goku to use his Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken power-up.

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Buu is no longer strong enough to compete with Goku, Vegeta or Gohan, but at least for most of Dragon Ball Super, the Z-Warriors saw him as one of the strongest. He was one of the first characters Goku turned to when looking for allies in his contests against Universe 6 and Universe 9, as well as the Tournament of Power. That’s because Buu is still on top of several of the heroes, including Android 18, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Master Roshi, and of course Chiaotzu.

That said, Buu’s loss of relevance and his inability to make meaningful breakthroughs have allowed some previously shadowed characters to outpace him. Future Trunks and former villains Frieza and Android 17 are now on the Super Saiyan Blue level. Piccolo, based on his ability to keep up with Ultimate Gohan in the Tournament of Power, also appears to have overshadowed Buu, despite the fact that he was not even considered a threat in Dragon Ball Z. As for what the future of the Dragon Ball The franchise is valid for Buu, it is possible that with a little training, he can prevent more Z-Warriors from surpassing him.

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