Players can customize the appearance of their shields in Valheim. This guide will show players how they can access this custom option.

Players can customize the appearance of their shield in Valheim. This guide will show players how they can do this. Valheim has been one of the biggest games for PC recently. This title is currently in Early Access, allowing players to submit feedback on potential changes or bug fixes for the game. In this game, players can explore a massive, ever-generation open world and create their own homes, defeat enemies, and explore available wildlife. Similar to titles like Minecraft, most of the fun comes from the player exploring the world and seeing what he can find. Along the way, players can create their own equipment and weapons. This guide will show players how they can change the look of their shields.

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Shields are used to defend against incoming attacks from enemies. In Valheim, players will find materials that they can use to create stronger types of weapons. Since players can meet in groups of 3 to 12, it is important to try to represent yourself as much as possible. The game will likely allow more ways for players to change their own appearance to help them stand out more in future updates. However, for now, players can change the appearance of their shields. This guide will show players how they can do it in Valheim.

How to customize your shield in Valheim

Valheim's Ultimate Ability

Your shield can only be customized when it is in the creation phase. Once the shield is fully built, players will not be able to change its appearance. When creating the shield, there will be a small icon near the name of the shield. Hovering over it will display the “style” text. Selecting that will allow the player to change the design of the shield before creating it entirely. For those who already have a shield, they will need to use completely new crafting materials to make a new one. It’s a bit of a hassle process, but this is likely to change if the player input is there.

In a game like this, being able to represent yourself to differentiate yourself from other players is a key part of immersing yourself in the experience. It’s hard to be drawn in when all the characters have the same looks and equipment. Considering that the game is in Early Access, it will likely change substantially before it makes its official debut. This has the potential to be one of the most important games out there.

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Valheim is now available on PC.

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