Sea snakes are dangerous monsters in the Valheim ocean biome. An abyssal harpoon can help players take one down and collect all the loot they drop.

As players sail to new islands while exploring the vast procedurally generated world of Valheim, it is likely that they will eventually encounter a monster called the Sea Serpent. Sea snakes have the head of a dragon and the body of a snake, with some fins. Players can fight the sea serpent, but they will most likely have a hard time doing so until they have a stronger, more durable, and improved gear. Additionally, players should avoid this creature at all costs until they have a longship, as sea snakes can make quick work of a raft or karve in a hit or two.

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When they die, sea snakes shed meat and, if killed correctly, snake scales. These are used to create a strong shield called the Serpent Scale Shield, a sturdy shield of overlapping scales. It provides 90/105 Block Power and can be useful against some of the strongest and toughest enemies later in the game. Players can use typical bows and arrows to kill a sea serpent, but this will cause them to lose the scales. Instead, players should consider creating an abyssal harpoon that can be used to drag the sea serpent to shore, dead or alive. This will allow them to harvest the scales and even melee the creature if they prefer. Here’s how to kill a sea snake in Valheim.

How to Craft a Nether Harpoon in Valheim

A player uses the Nether Harpoon in Valheim

Although not necessary to kill a sea serpent, the nether harpoon makes the job easier and allows players to collect their scales and trophies. Otherwise, the scales will sink to the bottom of the sea and be lost forever.

The ingredients in Abyssal Harpoon are:

While chunks of fine wood and leather are fairly easy to find, chitin can cause some problems for players. This material can be mined from abyssal barnacles, found in Krakens. Unlike traditional lore, the Kraken is not an aggressive enemy in Valheim. Instead, they appear as small islands that players can walk on and collect chitin.

Players will need to look for craters on the Kraken. These are abyssal barnacles, and indoors, players can mine chitin. Players can usually collect a few chitins from abyssal barnacles before the Kraken notices and retreats into the ocean, forcing the player to retreat to their boat.

Once players have all the necessary materials, they can create the Nether Harpoon on their workbench.

How to hunt sea snakes in Valheim

A player is killed by a sea serpent in Valheim.

Players may want to bring some friends when they hunt the sea serpent in Valheim. In this way, they can kill him using ranged weapons. However, it is also possible to take on a single Sea Serpent.

Players must board their ship and set sail until they reach open water. They will know they are in the right place if the name of the biome on their map in the upper right corner says Ocean. However, players will want to stay as close to the shores as possible.

While sea snakes can appear in any weather conditions, they tend to become more prolific during storms. Once players find one, they will need to throw the harpoon at it. While it may take a few tries, the harpoon doesn’t go away, so they can continue until they successfully hook the creature.

The player holding the harpoon won’t be able to take any other actions while the creature is hooked, so players will want someone else to be with them. One player can hold the harpoon while another navigates to shore or hits the sea serpent with arrows.

Valheim's Ultimate Ability

If players are working alone, staying close to shore will allow them to drag the snake into shoals and fight it on or near land. It’s less difficult to fight on the ground, essentially turning into a giant snake whose attacks can be dodged if players keep moving.

When the Sea Serpent dies in shallow water or on land, or dies while being harpooned and its body washed ashore, players will be able to collect all their loot, including Snake Meat, Snake Scales, and the Snake Trophy. Snake meat is the key ingredient in Serpent Stew, granting players a bonus of 80 health and 80 stamina for 2400 seconds. Serpent Scales are used to create the Serpent Scale Shield, which is comparable to most endgame shields currently available in Early Access. The Serpent Trophy can be mounted in a player’s home as a memorial to their feat of defeating the creature.

Players can also simply kill the sea serpent by shooting it while at sea with a bow and arrows. This can be effective, but only the snake meat will float and allow players to grab onto it. However, in a pinch, players may need to use this method, especially if they are alone and do not yet have the Nether Harpoon.

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Valheim is on Steam Early Access and available for PC.

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