The Chimera Ant Arc established the future of Hunter X Hunter by featuring Gyro, a human turned Chimera ant that even fans know very little about.

Along the first set of arches that make up Hunter X Hunter, Gon and Killua spend their time in finite settings. The Hunter Exam and the Sky Arena Arc propelled the children through battlefields and organized training. The Yorknew City Arch and Greed Island Arch expanded the setting to include the broad city and island borders.

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The Chimera Ant Arc traces an international conflict by tediously introducing a new species of powerful settlers. The enormous length of the chimera ant’s bow of hunter X hunter It’s controversial, but the way it opened up the world of this anime was brilliant. This arc established the future of hunter X hunter introducing Gyro, a human turned Chimera Ant that even fans know very little about.

10 Gyro came as a child, but he has the potential to be the worst villain Hunter X Hunter has ever seen

Gyro _ Bully _ Hunter X Hunter

Chimera Ant Arc episode 80 features Gyro through a lengthy flashback that likely caught more than a few viewers off guard during its first viewing. Prior to this point in the anime, the chimera ants had eaten several humans and none of them were given a flashback sequence.

This kind of special treatment motivates fans to wonder: what’s so special about Gyro? The truth of Gyro’s character has yet to be revealed, but fans already know that he was abused as a child by his father and later abused by chimera ants. When Gyro rides his revenge, it may be against more than just humanity.

9 Gyro founded the nation of NGL

After suffering abuse from his father as a child, Gyro overcame poverty and weakness to become the ruler of his own nation. The NGL nation that was devastated by the Chimera Ants was founded and ruled by Gyro.

Anyone who would like to live a life free from the mechanical machine that runs the modern world can come to NGL for peace. This is what Gyro promised, but his intentions with NGL were far more dire than peace.

8 Gyro was not only a king, he was also a kingpin

The NGL that is presented to Gon and Killua when they first enter the island with Kite is the NGL that is reported in the public databases. The truth behind NGL has more to do with Gyro’s dark past than respect for the natural order.

NGL is a country that allows its citizens a life free of technology, but it is also a gigantic drug factory run by Gyro. This ruler is not only the head of the respectable state where he makes his drugs, but he is also the head of the criminal underworld that hides in the mountains of NGL. Gyro is a true capo, and until he is defeated, he will continue to rise up with powerful forces around him.

7 Gyro remembered everything after becoming a chimera ant

Meleorn _ Gon _ Hunter X Hunter

Gyro is not the only chimera ant that could remember his past life, but he may be the only ant capable of remembering everything about his life as a human.

Only the most powerful chimera ants were able to extract memories of their time as humans. Perhaps this is a sign of Gyro’s incredible drive and motivation. If this vengeful human was able to build an empire before gaining the strength of a chimera ant, what is he capable of now?

6 Gyro left the hive for Meteor City

Meruem and Pitou

After the death of the Chimera Ant Queen, the strongest members of the new species fled into the world to establish their own kingdoms. Although the anime omits Gyro’s move from NGL to Meteor City, the manga explains a bit more about the former ruler’s plan.

It will be more impressive if Gryo manages to survive Meteor City, much less build a second empire like the one he had in NGL. The Ghost Company already proved its superiority over the Chimera Ants when Zazan declared himself the new Queen.

5 Gyro intends to start his own kingdom in Meteor City

Ghost Company Hunter X Hunter

Unless the Phantom Troupe has something to say about it, fans can assume that the next threat coming from Meteor City will be led by none other than Gyro.

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If his behavior in NGL is proof of anything, fans should take it as a guarantee that Gyro will return with a powerful army behind him every time he returns to the pages of hunter X hunter. Perhaps Gyro can come to terms with the Phantom Troupe and help restore respect to Meteor City with a global display of his strength.

4 Knuckle, Shoot, Palm and Gyro are named after baseball fields

The mangaka behind hunter X hunter He must have been going through a baseball phase while writing the Chimera Ant Arc. The dialogue throughout this arc is not only full of baseball slang, but various characters are also inspired by different baseball pitches.

Knuckle, Shoot, Palm, and Gyro are named after different pitches used in Japanese professional baseball. The mere fact that Gyro was named alongside these three strong supporting characters is proof of his importance to the plot.

3 Gyro’s evil empire could have caused the evil nature of the chimera ants

Gyro _ Hunter X Hunter Anime

Fans generally stop psychoanalyzing chimera ants when it becomes clear that each ant’s power is based on the number of humans the queen consumed prior to her birth. After this information is released, it seems unnecessary to continue questioning the murderous forms of the Chimera Ants.

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Still, this incessant desire for power might have been a trait passed down by the people of NGL. Gyro was far from being a kind ruler, so perhaps the evil within the chimera ants was as much a result of humanity as it was of nature.

two Gyro’s mission is to ruin the world for humanity

Gyro _ Hunter X Hunter _ Flashback

In the short flashback sequence given to Gyro fans at the Chimera Ant Arc, a voiceover explains exactly how Gyro strayed so far away from humanity. His father forced him to avoid causing trouble for humanity, but never taught him how to do anything other than hate humanity.

As Gyro grew up. his conviction surely doubled. This character’s true motives may not be clear, but when Gyro reveals himself again in Hunter X Hunter, Fans can be sure that the fate of the world will be at stake.

1 His chimera ant form remains a mystery

Gyro Flashback _ Chimera Ant _ Hunter X Hunter

Fans have spent years speculating on whether Gyro’s chimera ant form was revealed at some point in the chimera ant arc. Some believe it is Meleoron because the lizard-like chimera ant is capable of remembering parts of its past.

Meleoron is unlikely to be Gyro considering that most of his past is still hazy. Gyro has access to all of his memories, and this is what makes him so threatening. His knowledge is vast, but his appearance remains a mystery.

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