Turns out Marla Grayson played fair at one point.

Rosamund pike Guides J Blakeson‘s I care a lot like Marla Grayson. On the surface, one might believe that Marla is a court appointed guardian seeking to help those in need, but in reality, Marla is busy searching for loopholes in the system to better serve herself. With the help of a local doctor, Marla addresses the elderly and convinces the court to place them under her care. Then you put them in a spotlight, even if they don’t need to be in one, so you can take control of your assets and reap the benefits. Marla is brimming with confidence and thinks she’s in full control until she heads to the wrong neighborhood: Jennifer Peterson (Dianne Wiest), a woman linked to a mobster (Peter dinklage).

Rosamund Pike in I Care a Lot

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Along the way, Marla is busy sucking on a vaporizer. As Pike herself said, it is an accessory that gives Marla a very appropriate “dragon quality”. Given the fact that the vape pen is such an active accessory throughout the film, I had to ask Pike about incorporating it into his performance when we got a chance to chat ahead of Netflix’s February 19 release of the film. While it’s a very surprising component in the movie, I didn’t expect vaping to be that important to Marla’s backstory. Here’s how Pike explained it:

“Marla’s backstory is that she ran a vaping business until Walmart closed with a huge discount vaping store that opened across the street, so she was furious. I think that was his chance to play the American dream fair. He had a small business, he owned a small business, he screwed up, and then he thought, ‘Good. The chips are down. I go with everything. I’m going to play with the system like everyone else. ‘ And I think every time you inhale, it brings you that attitude. It’s the attitude of having been screwed and now you’re screwed with everyone. ”

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Rosamund Pike to J Blakeson on the set of I Care a Lot

Rosamund Pike in I Care a Lot

Image via Netflix

Pike was quick to point out that such a trajectory would not be the case for everyone who felt like they had been screwed up by American corporations:

“Not everyone would react the way Marla does. I think she has that kind of self-centered pride that means she doesn’t think she should be fucked up. She deserves better. She won’t be. As she says, ‘I won’t lose. I don’t lose. ‘

If you haven’t seen I care a lot for now, be sure to check Matt goldbergReview of the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival movie, which will likely add to the urgency of watching it on Netflix. But, if you’ve seen it already, I can confirm that the movie is highly playable and knowledge of this vape backstory adds a curious layer to Marla’s motivation and journey.

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