The ending of Interstellar reveals that Edmunds died after alerting Earth that his planet is viable for humanity, but how he died is never explained.

At the end of InterstellarIt is revealed that the mostly invisible character, Edmunds, died after sending a positive signal to Earth to alert them that their planet is viable for humanity, but how he died is never shown or explained. InterstellarThe ending contained several revelations and passed so quickly that many were left wondering how Edmunds’ character had died. One of the original members of NASA Lazarus mission, Dr. Wolf Edmunds is sent to visit one of twelve potentially viable planets to host humanity after Earth has become habitable due to pollution. Before the mission, it is known that he had a romantic relationship with another scientist, Amelia Brand. The brand is not part of the Lazarus mission, but participates in a mission that takes place several years later to visit planets that have been flagged as positive: that mission, aboard the Endurance, is he complex and cerebral sci-fi plot in the heart of Interstellar.

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Edmunds is one of three positive reports that the crew of the Endurance receives. His data is very promising, but his broadcasts were interrupted at some point and it is unclear if he is still alive. Due to her romantic ties to Brand, the crew believe there may be a bias behind her desire to visit him first, contributing to the decision to Endurancelet the crew not visit Edmunds before the end. Brand, who is one of the strongest female characters in Christopher Nolan films, ends up visiting it only as a last chance for survival, as the other two planets weren’t, in fact, viable. The finale shows her mourning and crying in front of Edmunds’ grave, which she identifies with her tattered name tag.

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Interstellar It’s a polarizing movie, and although the circumstances of Edmunds’ death are not explicitly stated, the background action gives the audience enough clues to be able to guess that the cause of his death was likely a deadly rockslide that destroyed his capsule. and team. It is stated at the beginning of the film that he gave a “thumbs up” signal to alert Earth that his planet was viable. After assessing the conditions of the planet and completing his part of the mission, he would have entered a hypersleep to await the rescue mission, settling in his capsule, at which point it is suggested that he was killed.

In InterstellarIn the final scene, when Brand arrives on the planet and learns of his death, CASE, the robot that accompanies Brand, is shown digging through the rubble. Rocks and dirt cover what used to be Edmunds’ pod, which is badly damaged. The tomb that Brand builds for him is also composed of rocks, apparently also extracted from the remains. Implicitly, the film shows the audience that a landslide destroyed his capsule, probably killing him in the process. It is true that Science fiction movies are often wrong about the physics of space.But this particular landslide is not one of those – a natural disaster like this would have similar consequences on Earth.

If the landslide is not to blame, then time, which Nolan loves to manipulate, is the possible culprit. The system that both missions travel to is orbiting a huge black hole called the Gargantua, and its gravity affects space-time. More specifically, it dilates it by determining that the time spent on different planets of the system is not equivalent to the time spent on other planets or on Earth. Adding all the years Endurance He ends up wasting visiting the two planets before Edmunds, adds up to around 80 years. Considering Edmunds was at least 30 years old when he left for the Lazarus mission, he probably would have died of old age long before Brand arrived. However, even if it was not the cause of death, the landslide still explains why its data transmissions were abruptly stopped after a few years – the capsule equipment was so damaged that it stopped working. InterstellarThe ending is set up in a way that could easily be given a sequel., in which it is explained in greater detail, but projects of this type have not been announced. While it is a tragic ending for both Edmunds and Brand, she can be sure that he died peacefully, having completed his mission successfully.

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