“I’m Iron Man” may be the most iconic quote in the MCU, but the words have a very different impact on the comics, and it’s not all that heroic.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Iron Man # 6!

Iron Man iconic last words in Avengers Endgame will forever be etched in the hearts of MCU fans, as the quote was not only a brilliant response to Thanos, but also a callback to when Tony spoke the same words at the end of his first film. Of course, “I am Iron Man” is one of the most memorable lines in any Marvel movie, but in the comics, the quote emphasizes Tony Stark’s worst character trait.

Marvel is ongoing Iron Man Christopher Cantwell’s series has Tony against Korvac, the Avengers’ most powerful foe you’ve never heard of. In the past, Korvac was strong enough to kill almost all of the Avengers on his own, but his abilities are not what they used to be since he lost Cosmic Power. Still, Korvac is an incredibly powerful foe, and he has proven time and again throughout this series that Iron Man is no match for him. However, Tony refuses to give up, and while his determination is usually commendable, No. 6 showed that he may be taking this fight too personally.

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After Korvac broke his neck in the last issue, Iron Man # 6 It begins with Hellcat taking Tony back to his base for medical attention. With his armor barely holding his body together, Tony really should take time to recover, but he refuses to rest. “I’m alive. I’m angry. I no longer apologize for anything.” Tony says, “I am going to win this fight. I am the one who wins. Korvac believes he is God. But I am Iron Man. “ It may just be the painkillers speaking, but it certainly seems like Iron Man’s massive ego has returned and is bigger than ever, as his words imply that he believes he is above even a god, and doesn’t stop there.

Once he’s up and walking, Tony assembles the strangest super-team in Marvel, who was also nearly killed by Korvac in the last issue. Gargoyle suffered the worst of injuries, but Tony has no sympathy. He tells Scarlet Spider that “Yes [Gargoyle’s] off the count, then it’s a waste of my time. “ He also nearly came to blows with War Machine after Rhodey tries to bench him and bring in more powerful heroes to handle Korvac. While calling out the rest of the Avengers would be the smartest move, Tony’s pride won’t allow him to outsource this fight. He needs to show that he can take down Korvac himself, not for the sake of justice, but for the sake of his own severely bruised ego.

While Tony says “I am Iron Man” in Endgame was the last heroic mic, the line here only speaks of his exaggerated sense of self-importance. Even so, considering it seemed Iron Man He had a death wish only a few numbers before, maybe seeing his ego return is a step in the right direction.

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