Jack Quaid, who plays Hughie Campbell on Amazon Prime’s The Boys, shares a photo of himself dressed as his Supe girlfriend, Starlight.

Jack Quaid, who plays Hughie Campbell on Amazon Boys, share a photo of himself dressed as Starlight. Based on the comics of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, BoysThe pilot saw Hughie’s girlfriend, Robin, killed by a doped A train (in Compound-V). As a result, he joined Billy Butcher and “The Boys”, a group wronged by superheroes or “Supes”, in their effort to take down Vought International and The Seven.

The central romance of the show is that of Hughie and Annie January, also known as Starlight (Erin Moriarty). The couple enjoyed a serendipitous presentation on a park bench in season 1 before their relationship was complicated by Starlight’s status as a member of The Seven. Motivated by the loss of Robin, Hughie’s prompted manipulation of Starlight nearly led the two to become enemies; however, they eventually worked together to expose Vought’s superhero experimentation and making. It is no exaggeration to say that Hughie and Starlight are Boys‘fairest couple.

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Quaid He recently shared a photo on Instagram paying tribute to his partner in crime. Wearing a Starlight-style outfit (not provided by Vought), Quaid captioned the post, “I have to be Starlight for a day during my quarantine! How did I do it @erinelairmoriarty? “Check it out below.

BoysThe cast was required to go through a mandatory quarantine before filming began for season 3, which will begin shortly. The next season will feature Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy (a Captain America parody), the controversial “Herogasm” story from the comics, and a possible appearance by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. For Quaid, the season 2 finale saw Hughie defect from The Boys and join Victoria Neuman’s Office of Higher Affairs. Unbeknownst to Hughie, Neuman is an incredibly powerful Supe responsible for many of the deaths in season 2. Although Homelander remains the primary threat, Hughie’s connection to Neuman will undoubtedly jeopardize the former’s relationships.

Hughie and Starlight’s bond may seem stronger, but they are in very different places when entering. Boys season 3. Much like Hughie’s motivations in season 1, his intention to “do the right thing” could skew his dynamic with other characters. Following Maeve’s blackmail of Homelander, Starlight was vindicated and allowed to rejoin The Seven, a group that has put her and Hughie in danger numerous times. That said, Hughie is still determined to police Vought-related corruption in a way that doesn’t involve murder and mayhem. Butcher and The Boys, on the other hand, subscribe to the more extreme approach of dealing with Supes. Leaving aside the drama and pending political comments, Boys it should still be as satirical as Quaid dressed as his on-screen partner.

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Source: Jack Quaid/ Instagram

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