Hereditary and Midsommar director Ari Aster has reportedly cast Joaquin Phoenix for his upcoming film, Disappointment Blvd. for A24 Studios.

Joaquin Phoenix has decided on his follow-up role to his Oscar-winning performance in jester, and it will be Ari Aster’s next project for A24, titled Blvd. Deception While it was rumored last year that Phoenix would star in the next Aster movie titled Beau is scared, it is now official that Aster’s next project, and the one that Phoenix will star in, is Deception Blvd. Like Aster’s first two feature films, Blvd. Deception It will be financed and distributed by the art-house studio A24.

Aster’s macabre mind produced previous horror hits like Hereditary in 2018 and Midsummer in 2019, they were praised by critics and performed well at the independent horror movie box office. Aster’s breakthrough and his feature film directorial debut Hereditary, which revolved around a grieving family, became A24’s highest-grossing film worldwide with more than $ 80 million at the box office. Toni Collette received considerable praise for her role as a miniaturist and matriarch of the family. Aster followed Hereditary with Midsummer, which followed a group of students traveling to Sweden for a Midsommar festival. The film grossed $ 47 million worldwide and helped launch Florence Pugh to stardom.

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Now, it’s official that the visionary director of Hereditary Y Midsummer will stay with A24 for his next project, and will cast Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role, according to Term. Plot details are still scant at this point, but Blvd. Deception it’s called a “An intimate portrait spanning decades of one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time.” While Beau is scared it was rumored to be a “four hour nightmare comedy, “Starring Phoenix, it’s unclear if Blvd. Deception it is a more recent iteration of the same project.

Joaquin Phoenix Onstage Golden Globes

It is still unknown when production on the Aster and Phoenix project will begin, but it will likely have to be soon as Phoenix has also agreed to star in the Ridley Scott film. Kitbag in the role of Napoleon Bonaparte. Since Scott is currently working on his star-studded crime thriller Gucci, production for Kitbag It probably won’t start until 2022, leaving a significant window open for Phoenix to work on Aster’s next project.

For the independent director, landing an A-caliber star like Phoenix is ​​a momentous achievement in Aster’s career, especially since Phoenix is ​​known to be highly selective with his roles and in incredibly high demand after his Oscar-winning role as the clown. Prince of crime. Phoenix’s signature says a lot about Aster’s script and will serve to further increase anticipation for Deception Blvd.

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Source: Deadline

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