Kate McKinnon has left The Dropout, Hulu’s limited drama series about Elizabeth Holmes and the collapse of her blood testing company Theranos.

Kate McKinnon has left Hulu Abandonment about Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. McKinnon rose to fame in 2012 when he debuted in Saturday night live, where his popular impersonations of politicians like Hillary Clinton and Jeff Sessions have earned him two Emmy Awards. After breaking into comedies with roles in Ghostbusters Y Difficult night, McKinnon entered dramatic territory with Bomb, about Fox News’ sexual harassment culture and co-starring Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie. the SNL Juggernaut seemed ready to continue down that lane, but it looks like she’s now left her next biggest drama project.

Term reports McKinnon is gone Abandonment, Hulu’s limited series covering blood testing company Theranos and its controversial founder Elizabeth Holmes. McKinnon was set to play Holmes, a chemical engineering prodigy who left Stanford to found the tech startup that achieved a $ 10 billion valuation, but collapsed spectacularly due to financial fraud. Based on the ABC News podcast of the same name, the series continues to move forward as the creative team searches for a new actress to replace McKinnon.

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The Theranos story themes of Silicon Valley pitfalls and the perception of women in the tech industry are ripe for television and film, so Abandonment it is just one of several properties already released or currently in development.

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In 2019, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney made The Inventor: In Search of Blood in Silicon Valley for HBO. Jennifer Lawrence and Adam McKay also collaborate on the Elizabeth Holmes biopic, starring Lawrence. Although Kate McKinnon has come out of this real-life drama series, she will play Carole Baskin in Exotic joe, which is based on Netflix King tiger and will undoubtedly be weird enough to match his eccentricities as a performer.

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