Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans are criticizing how “forced” Scott Disick’s romance with Amelia Hamlin seems after it went official on Instagram.

After making their relationship official on Instagram on Valentine’s Day, keeping up with the Kardashians fans are talking about how “forced” they feel the romance of Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin appear. The talk comes after Scott, a whitish blonde, shared photos with his 19-year-old girlfriend.

Scott and Amelia apparently confirmed their rumored romance by posing next to each other for a pair of photos Scott posted on his Instagram story. With him sharing the photos on Valentine’s Day weekend, he apparently confirmed reports of their months-long encounter. They first went public in October by attending Kendall Jenner’s birthday party together. Soon after, they scoffed at a dinner date, were photographed on a cozy beach date, and toured expensive farms together before traveling to Mexico to celebrate the New Year. This is the first relationship the Talentless founder seems committed to since his August breakup with Sofia Richie.

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The new couple enjoyed Valentine’s weekend together and were photographed one day before making it official on Instagram. The father of three showed off his new beachy blonde hair while Amelia wore a pair of denim shorts, a white bikini top, and a headscarf. After the photos appeared online, fans took to Reddit in a thread that said how “forced” their relationship appeared in paparazzi photos. “She is so handy with him that he looks miserable,“The Redditor added. While many fans continued to criticize Scott’s new hair color and compared him to Guy Fieri, there were many others who drew attention to how uncomfortable they find the duo. With an 18-year age difference between they, many have criticized the Flip it over like Disick star for having a history of dating women much younger than him.

Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin

I’m totally in favor of ‘age is just a number,’ but something about dating someone who can’t even legally drink makes me uncomfortable. “ said a fan. “I don’t understand the attractiveness and attraction you feel for him. Maybe the age difference wouldn’t seem so bad if she could legally gamble / drink / etc … but the fact that she is closer in age to his children than he is disgusting. “ added another. Meanwhile, there was a young fan who left a comment explaining the attraction. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star could have for Scott. “I’m in my twenties, but if Chris Evans, who is in his 40s, showed interest in me, I’d love to.” the fan shared. They went on to point out that although “Scott is not as good as Chris Evans, he’s good.” It is reasonable to assume that she is in love with him. And older men have their appeal ” said another fan.

The talk around his latest relationship is something the 37-year-old is used to. Like Amelia, her ex Sofia Richie was also 19 years old when they started dating in 2017. She has recently been seen entering the dating scene while enjoying her single status.

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Source: Reddit

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