When it comes to worlds of magic and monsters, swords and sorcery, nothing matches The Wizard Y The Lord of the rings. Each multimedia franchise has its own variety of characters. And some couples from other worlds would work better than others.

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Playing matchmaker between the two franchises would be really a lot of fun. That said, it would also be quite dangerous. There are many people with awesome powers on these worlds. If those relationships don’t work, there could be consequences that end reality. It’s probably best to be careful with some of these pairings.

10 WOULD NOT WORK: Vilgefortz and Arwen

Vilgefortz Arwen

As the daughter of Elrond of Rivendell, Arwen ranks high among the other Elves. She is a formidable warrior, as well as somewhat adept at the mystical customs of her people. As such, she and Vilgefortz can seem like a good couple on paper.

Vilgefortz, a powerful wizard, is an impressive warrior and apparently on the side of the good guys. But when he killed one of his allies on the battlefield, that loyalty is called into question. Arwen would have no time or interest in that type of person.

9 WOULD WORK: Reina Calanthe and Elrond

Queen Calanthe Elrond

If there is a person in the world of The Wizard Who anyone should have thought twice before messing with, is Queen Calanthe. The Lioness of Cintra is feared as one of the greatest and fiercest warriors in existence.

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Elrond is apparently much more reserved than Queen Calanthe, but he is no less a warrior. The two of them would absolutely tear apart the battlefield together, then rule all of Middle-earth and Cintra side by side.

8 WOULD NOT WORK: Tissaia de Vries and Gandalf

Tissaia de Vries and Gandalf

First known as Gandalf the Gray, the powerful wizard was killed and returned to Middle-earth as Gandalf the White. He was at the forefront of the battle against Sauron and Mordor. Without him, the entire defense strategy of Middle-earth would have fallen apart.

Tissaia de Vries found herself in a similar situation. A powerful sorceress, Tissaia is also the Rector of Aretuza. As interesting as it would be to see Gandalf and Tissaia together, they probably would have stepped on each other a lot.

7 WOULD WORK: Dandelion and Frodo

Dandelion Frodo

Dandelion isn’t exactly everyone’s liking as a bard or as a human, but the man certainly means well and wants to be useful. If Geralt got off his horse every now and then, his relationship with Dandelion might be a little less difficult. Plus, Dandelion makes long trips more fun.

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The core of The Lord of the rings it is Frodo and Sam’s journey to Mordor to get rid of the One Ring at Mount Doom. That’s all. If Frodo had Dandelion with him on that adventure, the music would have made things a little more bearable.

6 IT WOULD NOT WORK: Geralt and Arwen

Geralt arwen

Geralt of Rivia is one of the few sorcerers left in the world. He is a brutal and relentless warrior and more than a little skilled in the mystical arts. Geralt’s life has been devoted to dealing with the monsters and mystical threats of his world.

The problem is that Geralt is also something of a jerk. Ask Dandelion. Arwen is a surprisingly patient elf, particularly when it comes to Aragorn’s ongoing antics. But he’s not going to put up with Geralt’s nonsense for more than a few seconds.

5 WOULD WORK: Yennefer and Sam

Yennefer sam

Looking at Yennefer’s past, it becomes quite apparent that she hasn’t exactly had the best life. Due to her appearance, she was attacked but instinctively used magic to escape. But even in the world of magic, he never found comfort.

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Oddly enough, Sam could be exactly who Yennefer needs in her life. Samwise Gamgee is a caring and supportive Hobbit who is always there when his friends need him. Yennefer would definitely benefit from having someone like Sam around who just treats her well.

4 WOULD NOT WORK: Dandelion and Legolas

Dandelion Legolas

If Middle-earth has a heartthrob, it would be Legolas. This handsome elf warrior has fought for peace against Sauron’s forces multiple times. And he did it with the calm demeanor of an 80s action star. Dandelion would put him to the test.

Dandelion and Geralt, a well-known and very unpleasant bard due to his generally annoying demeanor, somehow ended up as friends. Legolas would not be so tolerant and would probably break down if he spent too much time with Dandelion.

3 IT WOULD WORK: Fringilla Vigo and Saruman

Viggo's Favorite Saruman

After being rejected by King Virfuril in favor of Yennefer, Fringilla ended up being assigned to Nilfgaard as a sorceress. She played a key role in Nilfgaard’s rise to power, specifically helping them fire Cintra.

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Saruman would be very happy to be in a relationship with someone like Fringilla. The only problem that could arise would be if Nilfgaard and Mordor ended up fighting each other.

two WOULD NOT WORK: Yennefer and Aragorn

Yennefer Aragorn

Aragorn is one of the greatest heroes Middle-earth has on its side. When he finally accepted his leadership role as the Great King of Gondor and Arnor, he was able to unite the forces of Middle-earth against Mordor. Well, the ones who were willing to fight, at least.

The love of Aragorn’s life is Arwen. But Yennefer would also be an interesting match for him. Like Arwen, Yennefer is a powerful mystic as well as a warrior. The only problem is that Aragorn and Yennefer would find themselves completely upset.

1 IT WOULD WORK: Geralt and Galadriel

Geralt galadriel

Geralt is a force of nature, plain and simple. He makes his way through the beasts and monsters in his path, mainly because that is his job as a warlock. While there is something between him and Yennefer, Galadriel might be a better match for him.

As one of the most powerful, respected and feared Elves in all of Middle-earth, Galadriel should never be taken lightly. He could easily put Geralt in his place, which would greatly appeal to him.

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