One of the most important points of the plot Crazy men it is Don Draper’s infidelity and his constant romances. It’s very rare that there is a period where Don is not involved with someone, and most of the time he is actually involved with multiple people, often cheating during their marriages.

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It’s an addiction for Don, who is very excited about it, but over the course of the series, he becomes romantically involved with a wide variety of women. Don doesn’t tend to be very picky, which means he ends up with women from totally different lifestyles, and that brings a varying amount of intelligence between them all.

10 Allison

Allison is someone with whom Don has a very brief affair, and she is someone who has one of the biggest reactions of anger and sadness when he cancels it. Allison works as her secretary, but that’s a job she struggles with, often making mistakes or taking her time with things, which is due to her lack of intelligence.

While she is certainly a fun personality and someone who clearly cares a lot, there is no question that Allison is not one of the smartest characters to appear on the show, which seems to be something she takes advantage of.

9 Betty draper

Don’s wife for much of the show is obviously an incredibly important character within Crazy men. However, Betty Draper is not one of the smartest, and she is someone who does not understand many complex problems and struggles to see many obvious things happening in front of her, such as Don’s affairs.

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Betty is very childish with her demeanor, and her temperament and lack of patience are examples of this. However, it is very evident throughout the series that Betty has some kind of mental health issues, which is why she sticks with her child psychologist, although it is not meant to be for her. Right before her death, Betty actively tries to improve her intelligence, showing that she at least wants to learn more.

8 Diana bauer

Diana bauer

Diana Bauer was one of the less popular characters on the show, and this story was one that a lot of people didn’t enjoy. She is a waitress when Don meets her and is shown to be someone who is not that smart during her run on the show.

While Diana is curious and reads, she never gets as involved in conversation as many of Don’s associates do. This relationship is seen as Don hitting rock bottom on the show, as it isn’t long after he heads into retirement.

7 Midge daniels

Midge Daniels is the first woman Don Draper has a relationship with other than his wife, which gives an indication of the type of man he is. Midge is one of the most interesting choices Don makes as he is addicted to drugs, lives in a poor area, and has another partner who knows Don well.

It’s an odd setup, but clearly made so that the news never gets to Betty. Midge can be very smart at some points, and has some intriguing worldviews from his perspective. However, there is no doubt that constant drug abuse has an impact on your intelligence, as there are many points where it is clear that you are not that smart.

6 Megan draper

After his divorce from Betty, it doesn’t take long for Don to marry again, this time to Megan, who is a brilliant character on the show. She is much younger than Don, and because of that, she has a slight lack of life experience at some points, which shows.

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However, there is no doubt that Megan is an intelligent character, that is why she is able to excel in everything she sets out to do. Megan is capable of having great conversations with everyone, no matter the environment, and she is always looking to create a fun and vibrant energy, which also adds to her personality.

5 Sylvia rosen

The relationship Don Draper has with Sylvia Rosen is one that ultimately ruins his relationship with his daughter, Sally, forever when he catches them together. However, she is someone Don has a deep connection with, and she is also one of the smartest people he ends up in a relationship with.

Sylvia can have very interesting conversations with everyone, and her husband, who is a doctor, generates many interesting conversations when they are all together. He’s certainly a smart character and he’s someone who understands the situation they’re in together and the dangers of that.

4 Bobbie barrett

Don Draper can’t help it when it comes to Bobbie Barrett, apparently only romantically involved with her to annoy Jimmy Barrett, her husband. Ultimately this comes back to bite him, as Jimmy is the one who alerts Betty Draper about Don’s affairs.

However, when it comes to the intelligence factor, Bobbie is certainly a very intelligent person. He is someone who clearly has a lot of experience and understands the business world very well, always managing to get what he wants for that.

3 Suzanne Ferrell

Suzanne Ferrell is an elementary school teacher and someone who shows kindness and patience during her time through the program. Her charming personality works well for Don, and the two hit it off, creating a strong bond that almost leads him to commit to her.

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She proves to be very smart in the way she treats the children in her class, with creative and engaging lessons. While she also takes care of Don and seems to be one of the few women in his life who can see that he is hurt and not completely happy, which shows a smart side once again.

two Rachel menken

Rachel menken

Rachel Menken is one of the biggest love interests in Don Draper’s life, and someone who really sticks in his head throughout the show. She is an incredibly smart and business savvy person, the head of the Menken department store, and had no trouble confronting Don and the rest of his team during business meetings.

Rachel is able to really understand and analyze the work that is being done for her, as she tries to take her business to the next level, demonstrating great intelligence. Furthermore, she is also smart enough to know when to reject Don’s advances, as she doesn’t want to just be ‘another woman’ as many of her romantic interests end up turning, which is why it sticks in her memory.

1 Faye miller

Cara Buono as Faye Miller in Mad Men with Don Draper

Of all of Don’s love interests, Faye Miller is arguably the smartest. Because of her job, as a strategist for a consumer research company, she is very good at analyzing people and the way they behave, so she can clearly understand Don.

The two have a really good connection, which is largely due to how smart Faye is. She is able to really see Don’s emotional side and work it out, and when he ends their relationship, she understands that it is because of his short attention span. While she’s hurt by it, she’s one of the only women who’s smart enough to really understand what’s going on with him.

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