Originally intended to be the second in a planned trilogy, McG’s Terminator: Salvation 2 would have depicted the invasion of London by Skynet.

Originally intended to be the second in a planned trilogy, McG’s Terminator: Salvation 2 it would have represented the invasion of London by Skynet. Starting with James Cameron’s terrifying and tense sci-fi slasher The terminator in 1984, the Terminator The series began life as a brutal slice of action and horror before moving in a more action-oriented direction with its sequels. Finally, The babysitter Director McG took over the reins of the franchise that led to the 2009 sequel. Terminator salvation.

Heavily trimmed and rewritten due to study notes and the need to secure a more PG-13 rating, the originally promising one Terminator salvation he lost his final killer twist and a lot of effective action during reviews. However, the film’s tortuous production process didn’t stop McG from planning sequels before their release, and the follow-up to Terminator salvation would have seen the series head to an entirely new location to represent the end of the world. Terminator salvation It was originally intended to be the starting point for a new trilogy, but a mix of legal issues and the lukewarm reception of the fourth outing saw those plans fail.

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McG’s Terminator: Salvation 2 would have taken place in modern-day London when Skynet, the AI ​​that provides the franchise with its titular cyborg enemies, descended on the city and wreaked havoc. McG had ambitious plans for the trilogy’s content and, in addition to a technological assault on England’s capital, other drafts of his proposed follow-up included ideas such as the return of series icons Robert Patrick and Linda Hamilton. Few of these ideas were reviewed in later installments. Terminator: Genisys Y Terminator: Dark Greasee, but perhaps they should have been, given how promising the trilogy sounds on paper and how disappointing those later installments turned out to be.

Terminator: London Attack from Salvation 2

McG had plenty of ideas for where to take the franchise next, including John Connor de Bale time traveling to London around 2011 to warn the world of the impending machine invasion, and Skynet had figured out a way to send units that didn’t were infiltrated. time. According to an interview granted by the director to Screen rant In 2009, John’s task would be to rally the world’s armies en masse so that humanity could have a chance against the Skynet attack. Skynet, which is not far behind when it comes to sci-fi villainy, would have already figured out how to lead, as McG put it, “more than one naked entityBack in time to frustrate Connor. As a result, Bale’s hero would likely have faced numerous Terminator models in the urban environment.

McG wanted the Terminator salvation sequel, like its first film, to focus on large-scale action sequences rather than the chase-based narrative of the first two films. Avoiding James Cameron’s approach of limiting the cast and simplifying the story, McG wanted “hunter killers and transports and gatherers”They all arrive through time travel to the modern world and John Connor is forced to take them down with military equipment on his side. More of a war movie between Terminators and humans than a chase movie, the proposed Terminator salvation The sequel sounds like nothing the franchise has offered before or after.

Return of the Terminator by Robert Patrick

terminator 2 t-1000 as cop robert patrick

Change settings and ringtone Terminator: Salvation 2 It wasn’t the only new concept McG had for his second installment. Where the first Terminator salvation did not include an appearance of the original Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger, aside from a double CGI with his image, the sequel would have seen his old archenemy emerge again, but not in the way that viewers might have expected. Robert Patrick, who played the T-1000’s icy assassin in Terminator 2: final judgment, would have replayed a human scientist studying cell replication. At first this may sound disappointing to those who wanted Patrick to return to his most beloved role, but a closer inspection of the sequel’s plans implies that a villainous part may have been on the horizon for Patrick’s character.

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Like Helena Bonham Carter, largely excised Terminator salvation The character Selena, as a scientist working close to Skynet’s experimental T-1000, it is likely that Patrick’s character ended up being the human-Terminator hybrid that formed the basis of the first T-1000 model. It’s a fascinating idea that would have allowed the talented actor to bring a human side to the famous unflappable villain, something that would have made his eventual transformation into the steely-eyed inhuman T-1000 even more terrifying. the Alien The franchise would continue to explore similar themes with Michael Fassbender’s android David in the Prometheus duology, but those sci-fi sequels weren’t bold enough to contrast the robotic villain with his original human model. That’s exactly what the sequel’s screenwriter wanted, with him describing the dramatic potential of a now aging Patrick who dedicates his life to preserving youth and vitality only to then be faced with the vision of his thin and mean self, though now in the form of a killer robot. .

Linda Hamilton (original) return to Terminator

Terminator Dark Fate Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton

Ok so original Terminator Series star Linda Hamilton eventually returned to her iconic role as Sarah Connor later in the franchise, as did the main character, Arnold Schwarzenegger. But with both comebacks delayed for so long, audiences were understandably disappointed by his eventual comebacks, with some critics accusing the series of provoking nostalgia to stay relevant. However, McG has planned Terminator salvation the sequels would have brought back both Hamilton and Schwarzenegger in major roles much earlier. Not much is known about these proposed plans, as William Wisher, the screenwriter who mentioned them in an interview, was not involved in McG’s draft featuring an attack in London, so even though he worked on the proposed trilogy, there was clear differences on how the series would have achieved these ambitious returns. Seeing Sarah de Hamilton sharing the screen with John de Bale also sounds like a concept with juicy dramatic potential. McG’s first outing in the franchise was an underrated slice of sci-fi action marred by missing its original unforgiving ending, so it’s a shame that Terminator salvation the aftermath never saw the light of day.

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