Modern Family is a joint sitcom, but Mitchell Pritchett is an underrated character who stands out for his emotional growth and stories.

When it comes to the cast of Modern Family, it is difficult to pin down who the main character is. With the show focused on a unique and modern family, there is not a single person who is considered the star of the show. But if fans of the show sit back and look more at Mitchell, they can see little glimpses of a leading man.

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Throughout the show’s 11 seasons, Mitchell has shown tremendous growth and has experienced incredible ups and downs in his work and family life. It’s hard not to see Mitchell as the show’s main character when fans take a look at how much he’s accomplished.

10 He is a pritchett

The pritchetts - modern family

The Pritchett clan was the original nuclear family. The show focuses on three people and the lives they created with the Pritchets they married. Gloria married Jay, Phil married Claire, and Cam married Mitchell. Without the link between the Pritchett family, Modern Family It wouldn’t be the show that it is.

9 Her relationship with Cam was one of the most memorable

Mitch and cam say yes - modern family

Mitchell and Cam had one of the biggest roles on the show because they were a same-sex couple who were denied the right to legally marry. In season five, they were finally able to get married after years of being judged by strangers and even family members (cough, cough, Jay).

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Their mutual growth and the inclusion of a gay couple on television are powerful. Because of this, it definitely makes Mitchell one of the main characters on the show.

8 His father-son relationship with Jay was a learning experience

One of the most important and lasting stories of all Modern Family it’s the relationship between Jay and Mitchell. Jay is a “manly man” who didn’t know how to raise, let alone act, with his gay son. He shoved things under the rug and didn’t want to talk about Mitchell’s sexuality because it made him feel uncomfortable.

After Mitch and Cam got married, Jay became more open-minded and not so closed. It was a very tense but important story in the series.

7 Being bullied by his sister had a lasting effect on his personality

Mitchell not only was not ignored by his father, taken advantage of by his mother, and bullied by his classmates; He was also treated badly by his sister, Claire. Claire was the complete opposite of Mitch. She was essentially the son Jay always expected.

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She was athletic, intimidating, and controlling. Due to his Jay nature, he treated Mitchell horribly when they were children. This experience followed Mitchell negatively throughout the series. Seeing how Mitchell from this treatment was a big part of the series.

6 His rejection of his father affects his present

Mitch and cam in the jacuzzi - modern family

Mitchell once said that he had to speak to his father on more than one occasion because Jay ignored his truth. The fact that her father did not recognize his own identity was extremely damaging to Mitchell, so much so that it is difficult for her to share public displays of affection with her husband and daughter.

Throughout the series, viewers see Mitchell’s fear of rejection in “Snow Ball,” “The Future Dunphys” and “Man Should Not Lie.” Although he is living a happy and successful life, his past problems still haunt him.

5 He is everyone’s favorite uncle

mitchell helping haley drive - modern family

Sure, Phil, Claire, Cam, Gloria, and Jay are fantastic role models, but none are quite like Mitchell. Mitchell’s honesty always shines through. Cam, Phil, and Claire tend to do too much or outshine those who vent to them, but Mitchell is different. He is a great listener and tries to help his nieces and nephews the best he can when they come to him. Haley, in particular, turns to Mitchell when she has relationship problems more than any other adult.

4 Her ups and downs with work show as much as Claire’s

Mitchell working - modern family

Claire and Jay’s dedication to the wardrobe industry is one of the main parts of the series. This is how Jay created an empire and acquired his wealth and it was a big deal when Claire took over and continued her father’s success.

However, Mitchell’s ups and downs with work show up just as much as Jay and Claire’s. As an environmental lawyer, Mitchell did it all; He worked behind the scenes, in the courtroom and even worked as a freelancer. His dedication to the law was a big part of who he was.

3 His fight for confidence proved to be great character growth

Mitchell pritchett in modern family

It’s hard to say who had the best character growth around Modern Family but Mitchell’s cannot be ignored. She went from being a man who couldn’t kiss her husband in public, couldn’t tell her family about adopting a daughter, and hid things from her father from an open and honest man who shared her truth. He defended himself and those below him and spoke of body confidence. He was no longer the weak child that Jay and his sister still saw him.

two His growth as a father was a great story

Mitchell Pritchett and Lily Tucker Pritchett in Modern Family

Mitchell was the sensible one when he and Cam brought Lily home, but as she grew older, he became self-conscious. Compared to Cam, he was not the protector and he was not Mr. Fix it that many households have. He felt like he was failing as a parent.

But Mitchell became his father role and he really took pride in it. Lily became more sarcastic with age, but was kind to her family, which was a testament to Mitchell’s paternity.

1 His mother’s problems run deep

Mitchell and Claire made it clear early on that they had serious maternal problems. DeDe Pritchett disappeared after she and Jay got divorced. While growing up, DeDe used Mitchell as his spokesperson. Every time he needed to confront someone, he used Mitchell to do his dirty work. His problems with his mother prevailed until her death.

Obviously, the subject of Modern Family It’s family and no one has had more family problems than Mitchell.

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