The Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist Naruto Universe are an elite organization consisting of the greatest sword-wielding shinobi of the village of Kirigakure. Each member receives an immensely powerful sword capable of defeating an entire army. Due to the power of the sword and the skill of the wielder, ninja swordsmen are known throughout the shinobi world.

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Along with the Mizukage, the seven swordsmen are responsible for the protection and progress of the village hidden in the mist. Although every ninja is feared, some possess more power and mastery than others. When classifying these ninjas, it is important to remember that the wielder’s power is tied directly to the strength of his sword, and some swords are better than others.

10 Jinin Akebino


Jinin was a talented swordsman, who possessed the Kabutowari sword. Also known as a Helmet Splitter, this sword consists of a giant ax and hammer attached to each other. It is said that this weapon can pierce any defense.

Not much is known of Jinin’s past and he plays a small role in Naruto. However, he was in the seven ninja swordsman confronted by Might Duy, and died along with other members after Might Duy activated gate eight.

9 Jinpachi Munashi


Jinpachi was one of the seven reincarnated ninja swordsmen during the Fourth Great Ninja War. According to Kakashi, Jinpachi was an extremely cruel ninja who committed many heinous acts during his life. He killed his older brother and reveled in the murder of his fellow swordsmen.

He wielded Shibuki, a sword known as an explosive blade. With this, Jinpachi could combine his mastery of the sword with explosive tags to deal extraordinary damage to his opponents.

8 Ameyuri ringo

ameyuri ringo naruto

Brought back to life during the Fourth Ninja War, like the other swordsmen, Ameyuri was ruthless. She wielded the mystical dual swords called Kiba. These blades of lightning allowed the user to combine the lightning chakra with his sword, making the blades capable of cutting anything.

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Kiba is legendary and at one time blades were recognized as the sharpest weapons in existence. This made Ameyuri practically invincible and according to the Might Guy, he could easily defeat a hundred chunin.

7 Kushimaru Kuriarare

kushimaru naruto

Kushimaru was extremely sadistic, even by Kirigakure’s standards. Throughout his ninja life, the talented shinobi committed countless cruel acts, including the murder of his sensei. He especially liked crucifying his opponents, laughing maniacally in the process.

He wielded the Nuibari longsword, a blade that resembled a large needle. Attached to the blade is a long thread, this combination allows the user to pierce through anything and bind them together, a perfect sword for the heartless Kushimaru. The ninja was killed by Might Duy, who sacrificed himself to help three other blade shinobi escape.

6 Fuguki suikazan


The former sensei of the infamous Kisame Hoshigaki, Fuguki wielded the legendary Samehada. Revered as the most powerful of swords, Samehada is sensitive and absorbs the chakra of other ninjas. The sword can expand, come into contact, and can also be used in guessing with water-type jutsu.

Fuguki possessed the large reserves of chakra necessary to satisfy Samehada and survived the encounter with Might Duy. Not much else is known about Fuguki, but with Samehada by his side, he was undoubtedly a powerful shinobi.

5 Juzo Biwa

Juzo Biwa in Naruto Shippuden

Juzo was a specially gifted shinobi. He was considered one of the strongest ninjas the village has ever produced, and at one point he was challenged for the title of Mizukage. He wielded the Kubikiribocho blade, an almost indestructible weapon with the ability to repair itself using iron drawn from the blood of its victim. With him by her side, Juzo dyed the battlefields red with blood.

He would later join Akatsuki and team up with Itachi Uchiha. Juzo found his fate at the hands of the Mizukage Yagura, defeating the swordsman and retrieving the sword.

4 Chojuro

chojuro naruto

Chojuro is one of the last ninja swordsmen of his generation and the current Mizukage. Unlike his peers, Chojuro is a kind and selfless individual who prefers peace to violence. It handles Hiramekarei, a wide, flat blade with two handles. Like the other swords, Hiramekarei possesses incredible ability.

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The sword is capable of storing chakra and then releasing the chakra at the tip of the blade. Chojuro’s mastery of this ability allows him to penetrate any defense and increase the strength of his physical attacks.

3 Zabuza momochi

As the first great antagonist of the Naruto series, Zabuza was a legendary swordsman capable of competing with Kakashi Hatake. Nicknamed “Demon of the Hidden Mist”, Zabuza once killed over a hundred students before starting at the academy.

He wielded Kubikiribocho, the same sword as Juzo Biwa. Zabuza was claimed to surpass his predecessors with his mastery of the sword and combined with his silent killing technique and various jutsu, the jonin was a force to be reckoned with. He forced Kakashi to use his Sharingan, a feat not many ninjas were capable of.

two Mangetsu hozuki

Mangetsu hozuki

Described as humble and level-headed by Kisame Hoshigaki, Mangetsu’s talents were extraordinary. He was able to use the silent killing technique, a famous skill among the shinobi of the Mist Village.

Furthermore, he was the only known shinobi capable of mastering the seven swords. This included samehada, a notoriously finicky sword that only chooses the strongest. Unfortunately, the skilled swordsman died at a young age, but was resurrected during the Fourth Ninja War, proving to be a difficult opponent for the allied shinobi forces.

1 Kisame Hoshigaki

Without a doubt, the most famous ninja swordsman in the mist, Kisame Hoshigaki possessed a power that few could rival. A valued member of the Akatsuki organization, fans witnessed Kisame in action multiple times, and alongside his partner Itachi, the duo completed a series of difficult missions.

Kisame was endowed with a large amount of chakra which earned him the name “the beast without a tail”. Because of this, Kisame was able to handle Samehada. In fact, the sword and the master were so close that Samehada could be seen mourning Kisame’s death.

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